Head to Spain to taste these delicious little bites of stuffed dough.

It was the Arabs (the Moors in the 16th century) who, while they occupied the Iberian Peninsula, brought these dishes: it is a derivative of their fatays.

Empenadas means "in bread", because the dough at the time was bread dough, but everything was baked at the same time.

These little slippers were imported all over Latin America.

In many countries, by looking at the solder of the dough, you can know what the empanada contains (wavy: tuna / serrated: spinach…).

Argentina, Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, each country has its varieties of empanadas.

Today, puff pastry has replaced bread dough.

Some versions are fried.

Ingredients for 8 empanadas: 

- 8 puff pastry discs 10 cm in diameter

- 100 g of ground beef

- 50 g of ground pork

- 1 tsp of Mexican spice blend

- 1 red onion

- 1 tbsp of grains corn

- 1 tbsp coriander

- 1 egg yolk