Saturday evening, a 65-year-old lady, a resident of a retirement home in the Ain, stung a fire truck parked in front of the establishment to flee.

She drove to her old home before being arrested by the gendarmes, taken to hospital and, finally, returned to her room.

It's a rather comical escape attempt: a grandmother, a resident of a retirement home in the Ain, has taken to the chase behind the wheel ... of a fire truck!

This 65-year-old lady tried to reach her old home on Saturday evening aboard the car before being intercepted by the gendarmerie services, according to

Le Progrès


Arriving at the Châtillon-sur-Chalaronne retirement home for an emergency on Saturday evening, the firefighters left the key in the ignition.

But they have no idea that a resident is watching from her bedroom window.

She sees the red truck parked in front of the establishment and sees it as a great opportunity to go home. 

The resident was going to her former home

When the firefighters finish their operation, it is already too late: their ambulance has disappeared with, at the wheel, the fugitive resident.

The gendarmes are then called in as reinforcements.

Fortunately, all the rescue trucks are equipped with a GPS beacon, the old lady is quickly geolocated.

She goes on the departmental 936 in the direction of her old home.

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Then begins a chase of about thirty minutes.

The gendarmes finally intercept the fugitive, without rushing her, about fifteen kilometers further in the town of Beauregard, on the banks of the Saône.

She was first taken to Villefranche-sur-Saône hospital for a depressive state.

She spends a few hours there before being escorted by the firefighters to her room at the retirement home.