China News Service, March 28th. According to a comprehensive report, Usama Rabie, chairman of the Suez Canal Authority of Egypt, pointed out on the 27th that the stern and rudder of the freighter that had been stranded on the Suez Canal had been moved, but it was impossible to predict when the freighter would be able to move. Get out of trouble.

He also said that strong winds may not be the main cause of the ship's grounding.

On the 28th local time, the freighter will try again to unwind.

The picture shows the cargo ship stranded on the new channel of the Suez Canal on March 24, local time.

Rescue progress!

The stern of the stranded freighter is ready to move

  On March 23, when a heavy freighter flying the Panamanian flag entered the Suez Canal from the north of the Red Sea, it was suspected of being hit by a strong wind at the southern end of the Canal and deviated from the channel. The ship slanted and ran aground, blocking the two-way traffic on the Suez Canal.

According to reports, the Suez Canal is located at the key point of the intercontinental belt of Europe, Asia and Africa, connecting the Red Sea and the Mediterranean Sea.

At present, more than 300 ships are waiting for the canal to pass through after the blockage is lifted.

  According to the latest news, two sources from the Egyptian Suez Canal Authority stated that rescue work made slight progress on the 27th after removing sand from the vicinity of the freighter and the tugboat performing push-pull operations.

One of the sources said there was some movement in the bow of the freighter.

  Rabie, chairman of the Egyptian Suez Canal Authority, said that the river under the freighter began to flow.

He said earlier, “We expect that the ship may slide from its current position at any moment.” Rabie said that he hopes that he does not have to remove some of the containers on the freighter to reduce the weight, but the strong tide and strong wind make it possible. Rescue operations are complicated.

The freighter carried a total of 18,300 containers.

  Rabiet pointed out that the stern of the container ship began to move on the 26th. "That was a positive sign as of 11 o'clock (local time) (local time), but the tide clearly receded and we stopped."

The picture shows the bow of a cargo ship stranded on the new channel of the Suez Canal stuck on the shore.

Strong wind is not the main reason for the ship stranding?

The freighter will try again on the 28th

  Rabia said on the 27th that strong winds may not be the main cause of the ship's grounding.

Rabia said: "Strong winds and climate are not the main reasons for the stranding, (the ship stranded) may be due to technical or human error."

  Russian Satellite Network reported on the 28th that the source said that the cargo ship that blocked the Suez Canal has not been successfully unsettled for the time being and will try again at the next high tide on the 28th local time.

  According to news from Singapore’s Lianhe Zaobao, the Dutch company involved in the operation said on the 26th that the freighter is expected to start shallowing as soon as next week, but several conditions must be met. In addition to continuing to dredge, heavier tugs and tugs must be used. Wait for the tide to reach its peak.

Today, the dredger has dug at least 20,000 tons of sand from around the bow.

  In addition, both the United States and Turkey have indicated that they are willing to provide assistance to Egypt.

A U.S. Department of Defense official revealed that as long as Egypt makes a formal request, the U.S. military can send a team of naval experts to assist in the rescue.

Egypt's neighbor Turkey also indicated that it is willing to provide a tugboat to assist in getting out of trouble.