The army, which is intensifying its crackdown on demonstrators in Myanmar, has been retaliated by airstrikes after being attacked by armed groups of ethnic minorities who are encouraging protesting citizens. We are starting to evacuate to Thailand.

On the 27th of this month, which is the anniversary of the military, the Myanmar army further strengthened the crackdown on the demonstrators, killing 114 people, the largest number since the coup d'etat, according to local media, and on the 28th, the largest city Yangon and the second city Mandalay etc. A total of 5 people died in.

State television reported on the night of the 28th that "some of the forces signing the armistice agreement violated the agreement and attacked the military base," and that it was attacked by armed groups in southeastern Kayin State on the 27th. I admitted.

He suggested that the military was in retaliation against the armed groups, saying that it would "continue to take the necessary actions."

In response, a Karen group issued a statement claiming that more than 3,000 residents had begun evacuating to neighboring Thailand following the airstrikes by the Myanmar military.

The Committee Representing the Federal Assembly, which is composed of members of the political party led by Aung San Suu Kyi, called on the armed groups of ethnic minorities in the country to stand on the side of the demonstrators and fight together, and armed accordingly. The situation in Myanmar is becoming more tense as the forces are moving to join the citizens.

"Miss Myanmar" complains of tears "Please help Myanmar"

As the crackdown on citizens protesting the coup d'etat in Myanmar is increasing, the Myanmar national team students who participated in the final of the international beauty pageant held in Bangkok, Thailand on the 27th of this month tearfully support the international community. I appealed.

“In my home country of Myanmar, many people have died while I was standing on this stage. I would like to help Myanmar here,” said Han Lei, a university student at the University of Yangon, representing Myanmar. We need international support right now, "he said in tears.

The people at the venue gave a big applause.