• Suspicions in the PP for the strategy of bleeding Citizens: "The remains of others do not contribute anything"

Citizens hanging by a thread.

The fiasco of the motion of censure in Murcia has propelled a process of agonizing death that actually began on November 10, 2019, in the repetition of the general elections in April in which

Albert Rivera

went from 57 deputies to 10. There it began an ending that takes place in different episodes.

Catalonia, Murcia and now Madrid, with elections on May 4, vital to survive a few more months or accelerate the trance.

Their national weakness, their Murcian break with the PP and bad relations with

Isabel Díaz Ayuso

have left them in a no-man's-land, despite playing their best trick with

Edmundo Bal

as a candidate.

The PSOE's attempted embrace, which designates them as partners with Más Madrid, is suffocating them.

According to the latest polls, six out of 10 of his former voters will now opt for Ayuso.

This Sunday Edmundo Bal launched himself for the socialist candidate

Ángel Gabilondo

to retain part of the conservative vote.

Whether or not they are represented in Parliament is at stake, where they must exceed at least 5% support.

And polls stubbornly say it won't.

That is why it does not matter that the PSOE candidate for Puerta del Sol has said that he will not reach an agreement with

Pablo Iglesias


The candidate of Cs Edmundo Bal, demanded, in a ceremony in the capital, together with the deputy mayor,

Begoña Villacís

, that "do not cheat", because, he said, he will end up agreeing with Iglesias "as was done in the Government of Spain" .

«It goes in a pack with Podemos y Más Madrid.

Do not tell us otherwise, "said the




Cs cannot allow himself to get the idea that he will not support Ayuso and that he will even allow a left-wing government.

This is now more difficult to convey due to the approach of

Inés Arrimadas

to the PSOE in recent months and the pact in Murcia, which has borne fruit to kick the popular mayor of the capital, with the support also of two councilors of Podemos.

But Bal tries to get away from the PSOE and build bridges again with the PP.

In fact, they have remained at the side of

Alfonso Fernández Mañueco

in the socialist motion of censure in Castilla y León, with the only loss of a defected parliamentarian who has been transferred to the group of non-members.




defended that the Government that they maintained with Ayuso has advanced "a lot" thanks to the impulse of Cs to issues such as the Transparency law, the maintenance of the opening of gyms in the pandemic and the request to lower their VAT or injection of money to public universities, among others.

As a junior partner, like Pablo Iglesias in the coalition government, he feels the need to highlight his relevance.

And to that fundamental contribution so that things are done as the campaign plays.

“We have been governing for a long time with the PP in the Community of Madrid with a successful government.

What we are going to put on the table are what we call the orange policies, "he said.

While the PSOE continues to treat Cs as a potential partner, without criticism against them, and removing them from a new government with Ayuso, of which they only warn of the entry of Vox.

Colón's photo reduced to only two.

Gabilondo's campaign runs without much noise, focused on attracting the most moderate voter of Cs and, at the same time, not losing support for his left flank, much more weakened now with the emergence of Pablo Iglesias as candidate of United We Can.

With no margin for surprise, the still second vice president has been ratified this Sunday by those enrolled in his formation to compete for the Puerta del Sol scepter. 95.48% of the 13,427 who have participated, which are less than half of those that Podemos has verified (30,262) in the Community.

4.52% voted blank.

The PSOE needs the young left-wing vote, which can feel closer to Podemos y Más Madrid and that is why Gabilondo insists on proposals for this audience.

First the announcement that it will prohibit the sale of public housing to vulture funds and today the promise to build fifteen thousand public housing units in these two years.

Housing and the limitation of rent prices is one of the political banners of Podemos.

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