An 11-year-old child who was drifted into the middle of a river in an accidental accident was dramatically rescued.

On the 23rd local time, foreign media such as Reuters from the UK reported that an unexpected accident occurred on the Desenka River in Kiev, Ukraine.

Goda, who had visited the river with a friend on the 21st, was astonished when he saw an unexpected sight on the river.

There was a young child standing upright in the middle of the river, about 20m away from the river.

When I looked closely, there was a thin piece of ice under the child's feet.

On the ice that seemed to be cracking at any moment, the child was barely standing still.

When those who were watching were rolling with their feet, Goda-san rolled out his arms.

Goda, who has a hobby of fishing, was about to bring a fishing rod to the riverside, and he decided to use this to bring the child to the shore.

Goda immediately hung a weight on the end of a fishing line and threw it at the child above the river.

Fortunately, the child grabbed the pendulum at once, and Mr. Goda slowly started winding the string.

He reassured the frightened child and told him, "Don't move, keep looking at me."

Slowly pulling it, the child arrived at the riverbank a few minutes later.

No drowning or injuries were found.

It is known that while the child was playing in a frozen river, the ice suddenly melted and cracked, and floated into the middle of the river without a break.

Goda shared a video of the rescue process on his SNS and said, "It is God's grace that the fishing line goes exactly where the child is. The ice cubes under the child's feet are already cracked, so you can try many times. I wouldn't have it.”

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(Photo ='reuters' YouTube)