The singing of birds has become quieter during the Korona period.

The matter has been investigated in the United States, in San Francisco.

Researchers have found that as the environment calms down, birds can sing in a quieter voice.

- Thanks to Korona, there is less traffic.

Birds don’t have to sing over the noise so loud.

You can sing with a smaller volume and the message will be delivered, Birdlife Finland spokesman Jan Södersved explains.

No similar studies have been conducted in Finland on the effects of the corona on bird singing.

It is already known from Finland that birds have changed their singing due to environmental noise.

One of those who changed his song is the tall tit.

With urbanization and increasing noise, the talitints have shortened their traditional titityy singing to tityy form.

- The more striking you have to carry the background noise much better.

It has been the dominant type of song for a few decades.

In Finland, most tall people today sing tity.

Södersved adds that titity is always heard in Finnish nature from time to time.

- It is so rare that I myself at least pay attention to it when I hear it a few times a year.

Can a good old titity make a comeback in a corona spring?

- In principle, one could, but probably vary from species to species, how quickly a new thing is adopted, Södersved replies.

Birdlifen Jan Södersved is currently paying attention if a tit is singing with an old titityy model. Photo: Tuomas Selänne

In a study in the United States, what was surprising, according to Södersved, was how quickly the song changed in birds during the Korona period.

Södersved ponders that in the Talitians the singing has gradually changed.

Birds have learned and it is already in the genes of birds how to sing.

- There should be a few titties singing traditional titties.

In a year, then, there may be a little more titityy-titties.

In addition to the titties, the singing has changed in Finland as the background noise grows in the nightingales.

Södersved says it is difficult for the human ear to notice a change in the nightingale song.

Analyzing the song, it has been noticed that the song has become one-sided and has become more striking.

Most tall people spend all their time in Finland.

- The titties have been here all winter.

Now they’re squeaking a lot of singing, even though they haven’t quite started nesting yet.

The dogs are responsible for the song.

With their songs, they try to impress the opposite sex.

Södersved first talked about the talit at Yle's Ykkösaamu.