Regensburg (AP) - Former rally world champion Walter Röhrl (74) sees Mick Schumacher as an asset to Formula 1. But he does not consider the 22-year-old to be as talented as his father Michael Schumacher.

“He'll surely make his way.

But this high-flyer like his father, I don't think he is, "said Röhrl on Friday in Regensburg.

The constant comparison with the father is certainly difficult for the son.

“The guy is under pressure, it's brutal.

But he seems to handle it well, »said Röhrl - Michael Schumacher is the record holder in the top motorsport class with seven world championship titles together with the current champion Lewis Hamilton.

Son Mick celebrates his racing debut in Formula 1 at the Bahrain Grand Prix this weekend - but he has to be prepared for a difficult season in the defeated Haas racing car.

Mick Schumacher has the potential to rekindle people's interest in Formula 1, which "is otherwise very difficult to decline," said Röhrl.

The dominance of the Mercedes team over the past few years has made this sport "pretty bad" - the German works team has won all the titles in the drivers 'and constructors' championships over the past seven years.


Röhrl said he had lost interest in Formula 1 in recent years.

Today the focus is too much on the technology and less on the driver, he criticized.

Sebastian Vettel is for him the reason why he follows Formula 1 at least a little.

It is exciting how things will go for Vettel after his move to Aston Martin this season.

"I do think he's motivated to the tip of his hair."

Walter Röhrl won the world rally championships in 1980 and 1982 and a European championship title in 1974.

After his racing career, he initially worked as a test driver for Audi, and has now been with Porsche for 28 years.

Röhrl lives in the Bavarian Forest.

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