Regarding the missile launched by North Korea on the 25th, South Korean media and experts said that it is likely that it is a new missile that North Korea unveiled at a military parade in January, and North Korea defends missiles in each country. He points out that he is developing a new missile that goes through the system.

The Workers' Party of Korea's Rodong Sinmun newspaper, dated 26th, said that the newly developed "new tactical guided bullet" was launched on the 25th, and "reconfirmed the irregular orbital characteristics at low altitude flight." I did. "

At the military parade in January, North Korea unveiled several new missiles that appear to be new, of which the missile mounted on a five-wheeled mobile launch pad on one side was launched on the 25th. Etc. are similar.

Regarding this, South Korean public broadcaster KBS reported on the 26th, "North has released an improved version of the tactical guided bullet at the military parade in January, but the missile launched this time is presumed to be this improved version." "The launch test was conducted for the first time after it was released at the military parade at the beginning of this year. If the range is 600 km, the whole of South Korea will be within the range of hitting."

Yu Koizumi, a military analyst and assistant professor at the Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology, the University of Tokyo, also said that it is highly likely that he launched the new missile released in January.

And this missile is a type that is an improved version of Russia's short-range ballistic missile "Iskander" that flies at low altitude and falls in an irregular orbit, and North Korea has adopted the missile defense system of each country. He pointed out that he is developing a missile.