China News Service, March 26. According to a Reuters report, on the 25th local time, EU leaders held a video meeting. The meeting focused on the current shortage of vaccines within the EU and urged AstraZeneca to fulfill the contract as soon as possible. vaccine.

Data map: AstraZeneca vaccine.

  According to reports, the European Union believes that AstraZeneca must deliver vaccines to EU countries as soon as possible, and can only export vaccines to regions outside the EU after fulfilling its supply contract with the EU.

  European Commission President Von der Lein said at a press conference held after the meeting that EU leaders must explain to their people that they have received a fair share of vaccines.

Data map: French President Macron.

Photo by China News Agency reporter Li Yang

  In this regard, French President Macron also expressed his support, he made it clear, "If some pharmaceutical companies do not abide by their commitments to Europeans, we must block all (the company's) exports."

  According to reports, before the end of June, AstraZeneca planned to provide 300 million doses of vaccine to EU countries, but currently it only plans to provide 100 million doses.

The report pointed out that this has caused difficulties for vaccination in EU countries.