The Minister of Education Anna Ekström (S) announced during a press conference that the Public Health Agency's recommendation to mix distance, distance and local education in upper secondary school will not be extended. 

The decision was unexpected and there is concern among teachers, says Cecilia Rahbek Nöhr. 

- Now that we see that the spread of infection in the country is increasing and in some municipalities galloping, also among children and young people, it is a strange message to give, she says.  

Is it not good that students are allowed to return to school? 

- It is clear that many long to return and we all hope that we will start up as usual soon again.

But to make the decision in this situation, is it to take responsibility?

says Cecilia Rahbek Nöhr.

Expires after the Easter break

The Swedish Public Health Agency's previous recommendation will expire on 6 or 12 April, depending on when the schools have Easter holidays.

However, infection control physicians can recommend schools to close completely or switch to distance learning if required. 

In Katrineholm, where there has been a sharp increase in the spread of infection, it has previously been decided that students in upper secondary school and upper secondary school will have distance education for three weeks.

After that, a new decision is made based on the infection situation.

- I hope it will be a factual decision.

No one rather than the teachers wants to meet the students.

But you do not want to do it with danger to your own life, says Bo Sundal, chairman of the Teachers' Association in Katrineholm.