In order to strengthen measures against heat stroke, the government has set up a new cross-ministerial countermeasures meeting and decided on an action plan that includes the goal of reducing the annual death toll to 1,000 or less as soon as possible.

This conference was set up across ministries such as the Ministry of the Environment and the Fire and Disaster Management Agency of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, and Minister of the Environment Koizumi, who chairs the first meeting on the 25th, said, "Climate change is expected to intensify the damage caused by heat stroke. In particular, we have to think carefully about how to deal with elderly people living alone. "

The meeting then decided on an action plan for the future, in which the number of people who died of heat stroke exceeded 1,000 a year for the third consecutive year until last year, and as soon as possible as a medium-term goal. Aiming to reduce the annual death toll to 1,000 or less, the company plans to turn to a marked downward trend.

In addition, as a measure for the elderly, after strengthening monitoring, we will convey the correct knowledge about the proper use of air conditioners in an easy-to-understand manner, and the "heat stroke warning alert" that will be operated nationwide from the new fiscal year. It includes the cooperation of ministries and agencies to disseminate information and encourage actions to prevent heat stroke.

Based on this action plan, the government plans to strengthen measures against heat stroke from the new fiscal year onward.