The establishment general meeting of the Liberal Democratic Party Parliamentary League in favor of selective surnames for married couples was held, and it was confirmed that the system would be realized as soon as possible.

There are pros and cons within the LDP over selective surnames for married couples who can give their pre-marriage surnames if they so desire, and a working team chaired by former Secretary-General Ishihara will resume discussions next week.

Under these circumstances, a general meeting was held to establish a parliamentary federation within the party in favor of the introduction of the system, and about 70 people attended.

Former Defense Minister Hamada, who serves as chairman, said, "The world should change in a way that matches the times. We would like to discuss with the people in an easy-to-understand manner and make efforts toward the realization of the system."

He confirmed that he would actively participate in the discussions of the working team and aim for early realization, including reflecting it in the promise of the next House of Representatives election.

On the other hand, Mr. Ishihara said at a faction meeting, "We must have a definite discussion, not a calm constitutional debate or an ideological debate, rather than imposing values ​​on each other."

Within the Liberal Democratic Party, a parliamentary federation that opposes the system will soon be established.