Historically Vôtre brings together 3 daredevils of history, or even a little more: Buster Keaton, a child of the ball who became the actor and the undisputed genius of silent cinema 100 years ago, one of the first stuntmen. of the cinema with the rubber body which did not steal its nickname, Steve McQueen, another hero of America as she likes them: handsome and strong.

He was not afraid of anything, it was seen on the screen and in his life also where the road exits were numerous, and several daredevils forming the most famous daredevil band of the modern era , a bunch of patients who have elevated bullshit to the rank of art: the Jackass!

The guests :


Jean-Baptiste Péretié

, director

Buster Keaton, a genius broken by Hollywood

(Quark Productions / Arte France)


Bertrand Tessier

, journalist, director, and specialist in American cinema.

Steve Mc Queen, the other side of glory