France: in the 2022 presidential election, Xavier Bertrand wants to establish himself as the candidate of the right

President of the Hauts-de-France Regional Council, Xavier Bertrand is a candidate for the 2002 presidential election. Here, February 5, 2020. FRANCOIS GUILLOT / AFP

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He announced it in an interview with the newspaper " 

Le Point



Xavier Bertrand is a candidate for the 2022 presidential election. The affair was an open secret, but by declaring very officially that he is a candidate, the president of the Hauts-de-France region is trying a game of poker to impose himself as the candidate of the right against Emmanuel Macron, a bet not necessarily a winner.


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This time it is clear.


I will be a candidate in the 2022 presidential election

 ,” announces Xavier Bertrand.

Five-year law against security, immigration control, revolution by the territories, he is a presidential candidate without passing a possible right-wing primary: “ 

Some will want to participate in primaries, some will want to organize them.

I respect their choice, but I tell them that, anyway, I will work with everyone and I want to bring them together around my project


Why now ?

But why announce it now even before the regional ones whose president of Hauts-de-France had made the first stage of his 

race to the Élysée 


Because the repeated hiccups of Emmanuel Macron on the health crisis make Marine Le Pen rise for lack of an alternative on the right

 ", one answers, in his fan-club.






", "

the French do not have the head to the political policy in full third wave

 ", tackle its detractors on the right.

Xavier Bertrand will he have the skin of the primary?

Ranger behind him LR, the party he left three years ago? " 

Answer in a few months with the first polls, if we are at 18.19, it will be good

 ", decrypts support.

By then, the French will be able to release the popcorn,

 " predicts a good connoisseur of the right.

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