RIA Novosti informs about this with reference to the materials of the department. 

It is noted that the FAS reviewed the documents submitted by the letters of the Ministry of Health of Russia and the letter of the FSBI “FNTSIRIP im.

Chumakov Russian Academy of Sciences ", and decided to agree on the maximum selling prices for the drug" KoviVak (Inactivated whole-virion concentrated purified coronavirus vaccine) "in the amount of 4330 rubles."

It is noted that the document refers to two types of packaging of the drug, including with 10 ampoules complete with an ampoule knife or ampoules with a break ring or a point for opening.

The FAS clarified that the maximum selling price includes, among other things, logistics costs in the amount of 128.85 rubles.

Earlier, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that the COVID-19 vaccine "KoviVac" of the Chumakov Center "is being prepared for introduction into civilian circulation."