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It is the State's response to a deterioration in security in the Bordeaux metropolis.

Interior Minister Gérard Darmanin, visiting Gironde this Thursday and Friday, will provide the city of Bordeaux with 140 additional police officers (a net increase of 120 taking into account retirements and transfers) including 70 " from the start of September, ”he announced in an interview with the Sud Ouest newspaper.

Fight against drug trafficking

The 70 other police officers should be mobilized "before April 2022", said the minister, adding that it is about a "considerable effort".

They will be responsible for "fighting against delinquency and particularly against drug trafficking (...) The Gironde has 70 deal points which also generate burglaries and assaults", specifies Gérald Darmanin.

Brawls with knives, brutal thefts, gunfire, urban violence: for two or three years, Bordeaux has seen a rise in violence that had spared it until now.

Mayor EELV Pierre Hurmic has decided to increase the number of municipal police officers and a half-company of CRS was deployed after several assaults last summer.

In Bordeaux, "we have the particular problem of unaccompanied minors who have established themselves massively in the agglomeration and some of whom commit acts of delinquency", underlines the Minister.

"We are going to discuss with Morocco and Algeria for the return of these minors to their country of origin", he assures us.


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