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official campaign for the 4·7 re-election by-election will start tomorrow (25th)

In the Seoul Mayor's election, both sides of the Democratic Party's candidate Park Young-sun and the People's Strength Candidate Se-hoon Oh are already on fire.

This is reporter Lee Hyun-young.


Seoul Mayor Park Young-seon of the Democratic Party intensively attacked the suspicion of self-compensation in the Naegok-dong land of the family of Seoul Mayor Oh Se-hoon, the power of the people.

Candidate Park pointed out that "when Oh was the mayor of Seoul, if there was a land in the area where the green belt was lifted, he should have obtained the consent of the citizens," he pointed out, "there is a conflict of interest problem."

At the same time, "The Naegok-dong problem is the aid of the current LH crisis."

Candidate Park was also caught meeting Gyeonggi Governor Lee Jae-myeong in front of the National Assembly, and it was interpreted that Governor Lee, who had restrictions under the election law, started supporting the side.

Candidate Oh also counterattacked Park's election as'Park Won-soon Season 2'.

"I feel the scent of Park Won-soon everywhere in Seoul," he criticized, saying, "There are no reflections like nails," referring to the SNS of former President Lim Jong-seok's chief secretary.

The election camp for Candidate Se-hoon Oh recruited former Congressman Geum Tae-seop, who left the Democratic Party, as chairman of the co-president, following National Assembly Representative Ahn Chul-soo.

CEO Ahn Cheol-soo repeatedly emphasized his intention to help Candidate Oh by attending today's Congress of the Power of the People wearing a red tie.

The election campaign for the mayor of Seoul is already overheated, and the official campaign period starts at 0 am tomorrow.