South Korea launches "anti-Japanese entertainment game", Japanese netizens lament: It will be more difficult to improve relations between the two countries

  [Global Times reporter Fang Qing] Japan’s News Post-seven website reported on the 22nd that South Korea has recently invented many "anti-Japanese" themed games, such as "Rescue Comfort Women" and "Assassinated Ito Bowen".

In addition, a game called "Dokdo Guards" has attracted much attention. The game is based on the "illegal" occupation of Dokdo by South Korea.

Toshiharu Hirai, an associate professor at Hanyang Women’s University in South Korea, analyzed, “As a game, it’s very interesting.”

  Hirai said that although "Dokdo Guards" is a game for children, it has now become a game for family entertainment.

As many Korean children have limited knowledge of the history of "Dokdo", this game can not only exercise their intelligence, but also increase their interest in Korean history. Especially when playing games, parents often take the opportunity to tell Children "It is Japan that threatens the safety of Dokdo", etc., and in their daily life, they can cultivate children's attention to "Dokdo" issues.

  Japanese media said that for these "anti-Japanese entertainment games" invented by South Korea, some Japanese netizens lamented that it might become more difficult to improve relations between the two countries.