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For 'lady Bechamel', as she was labeled after passing through the culinary reality show 'MasterChef', life is a matter of enjoying each of its flavors.

Silvia Abril, about to turn 50, is an off-road woman who, above all else, values ​​the mundane.

Above all, good eating.

But yes, gluten free, lactose free, eco meat Nutrition is so important to her that she changed eating habits because she could not get pregnant.

Finally, she

gave birth to her only daughter, Joana, on November 29, 2012.

She was a late mother, but happy.

When she found love next to Andreu Buenafuente (56) when he hired her in 2006 for the program 'Buenafuente', the good harmony between the two crossed the border of work.

Since then, it has been part of the El Terrat factory


From that time, her role as the girl in 'Shrek' is unforgettable.

After breaking up with Carolina Ferre

, the comedian found the last to be his shoe.

Little given to talk about their private lives, Silvia and Andreu

secretly married civilly in July 2017 in a ceremony officiated by Ada Colau

and attended, among others, by her good friend

Concha Velasco.

Silvia is a 'restless ass' who is not afraid of almost anything.

She loves to travel and get lost in unknown places, she is passionate about the sea of ​​the Costa Brava and the Balearic Islands, she is enthusiastic about challenges, she

is a madrassa who does not hesitate to jump rope or play rubber bands with her daughter

and to continue conquering to her husband there is a tactic that never fails, rice.

Specifically, Sunday's rice, made with beans, Iberian pork ribs, artichokes, zucchini and onion.

The actress, comedian and presenter feels happy.

He had a beautiful childhood because his father did not stop telling jokes, he had a great time with his friends sticking the stickers of the time and, above all, playing in the street.

She is so attached to children, not only because she is a mother, that in 2004 they began to collaborate with the NGO Yamuna to

help single mothers and children living in extreme poverty in Madagascar.

Six years ago, they visited this island located in southeastern Africa.

Tonight, Silvia Abril visits

'El hormiguero 3.0'

with her friend and colleague

David Fernández

to promote her work 'The success of the season', where they talk about triumph, the passage of time, friendship and the work of comedians.

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