China News Service, March 23. According to a report from Kyodo News on the 22nd, the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Organizing Committee held a board meeting in Tokyo on the 22nd. The 12 newly elected female directors to promote gender equality also gathered for the first time. Together, they decided to formulate the “Tokyo 2020 Manifesto for Building a Society for All People to Live in a Society with a Real Diversity” (tentative name) that will take advantage of the Olympic Games to make Japan a truly diverse society.

The picture shows a lady walking past the 2020 Tokyo Olympics poster.

  According to reports, the meeting heard reports on the measures discussed so far by the "Gender Equality Promotion Group" led by Sports Director Mikako Otani.

Regarding the award-giving guests at the commendation ceremony, the policy of considering the balance between men and women is indicated.

  Olympic marathon gold medalist Naoko Takahashi, Paralympic alpine skiing gold medalist Ohakakata Kuniko, representative of the "Noboribetsu ASIR Association" that promotes Ainu culture, Haga Mizue, etc., 12 newly elected female directors for the first time to promote gender equality Gather together.

  Takahashi said positively: "The current Tokyo Olympics is a little different from what everyone in society thinks. I hope to release information that can closely integrate the Olympic organizing committee, athletes, and society." Haga expressed his ambition: "Many people don't know. Ainu culture and history. I hope to use the opportunity of the Olympics and Paralympics to make everyone understand."

  Before the meeting of the board of directors, one of the new directors of the Japan Sports and Gender Association and a professor at the School of Sports Science of Chukyo University, Kyoko Raita, delivered a speech entitled "Olympic Charter and Gender Equality" to officials and staff.

  According to previous reports, Yoshiro Mori, the former chairman of the Olympic Organizing Committee, resigned because of contempt for women's speeches.

The new chairman Hashimoto Seiko led the increase of female directors, and 12 members were selected at the council meeting on the 3rd of this month.

There are 19 female directors, and the proportion has risen from about 20% to about 42%. Hashimoto's goal of "40%" has been achieved.