Four-time F1 world champion Sebastian Vettel is looking for a new start to his career at the wheel of Aston Martin this season.

After Red Bull’s successful years of 2010-2013, the championship party has remained a dream come true for a German who has moved to Ferrari.

Last season was miserable for him: the experienced driver drove to the podium only once, and only finished 13th in the World Championships for drivers.

1996 world champion Damon Hill sees that the low-key years on Ferrari left their mark on Vettel.

- I think Vettel was shaken by Ferrari.

Certain political factors undermined his self-confidence, and it ultimately affected his driving, Hill estimates for Sky Sports, according to the F1 site.

- Yes, he wasted opportunities, but there were also some great performances.

I think Sebastian still has a lot to say, and if he sees an opportunity to fight for wins or prize pool, he’ll give his all.

Vettel himself has assured that he will still be able to fight for the world drivers ’championship.

Hill seems to be in the stages of two: the old fox should not be ignored, but something in Vettel’s essence makes the British legend hesitant.

- I hope he has had a chance to regain his self-confidence.

At times, he feels like he doesn’t look motivated and confident, and that’s a little worrying, he pondered.