China News Service, March 22. According to a report from Russian Satellite Network on the 21st, Russian Ambassador to the United States Anatoly Antonov has arrived in Moscow to discuss Russia-US relations.

  The Russian Embassy in the United States previously announced that Antonov will fly to Moscow on March 20.

According to reports, Antonov’s plane landed at Sheremetyevo Airport at 11:00 local time on the 21st.

  Recently, there has been a new round of tension in Russia-US relations.

The US intelligence agency issued a report on the 16th that Russia supported Trump during the 2020 US presidential election and suppressed the Biden campaign team.

Russian Presidential Press Secretary Peskov said on the 17th that the United States’ accusation of Russia’s interference in the 2020 US presidential election is groundless and unproven.

  On the 17th, US President Biden stated in an interview with ABC that Russian President Putin is a "killer."

This remark immediately caused a strong reaction from the Russian side.

Many high-ranking officials in Russia said that Biden's "unprecedented" remarks were unacceptable.

  On the 18th, Putin said that he would respond to Biden with "Wish you good health" and pointed out that "when we evaluate others, we are like looking in a mirror and we will always see ourselves."

  The Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs said on the 17th that it would recall the Russian ambassador to the United States Antonov to discuss the prospects of Russia-US relations.

After returning home, Antonov will consult with the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and relevant departments to discuss relevant issues.