The still vice president of the Government and candidate of Podemos, Pablo Iglesias, has called for the unity of the left in the face of the 4-M elections and has avoided criticizing Ángel Gabilondo, candidate of the PSOE, after he assured that he will not agree with "Este Iglesias" because of "the climate of confrontation" that it generates.

"I will not have any bad words against any progressive formation, when people on the left see us fighting they demobilize," Iglesias reasoned in an interview on Telecinco, where he has shown his "respect" for Gabilondo's strategy.

"I understand that Angel moves the center ... to the right he is interested that the left is with reproaches, I'm not going to go in there."

In that sense, the Podemos candidate recalled that "the right never fails to attend an electoral appointment."

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