A ban on the export of corona vaccines to the UK would delay the UK vaccination program by two months, according to a report in the


's possession


At the same time, the vaccinations in the EU countries themselves yield little or no profit.

The imminent EU ban would force the British government to take more far-reaching lockdown measures.

And there is little chance that the British economy will be able to revert to almost full power again in the summer, as Prime Minister Boris Johnson has now planned.

This boycott would speed up vaccinations in the EU countries by no more than a week.

EU threatens ban if AstraZeneca does not deliver enough

British Defense Minister Ben Wallace warned on Sunday that it would be "counterproductive" if the European Union decided to block exports of AstraZeneca's corona vaccine.

European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen threatens an export ban to other countries if the British-Swedish company does not supply enough vaccines to the EU, she made clear in an interview in the German newspapers of media company Funke.

"The European Union knows that the rest of the world is watching the way the Commission behaves," Wallace told SkyNews.

"Breaking contracts and obligations would be very damaging to a trade bloc that prides itself on respecting the law," said the minister.

He emphasized the collective nature of vaccine production, involving several countries around the world, and warned that an export ban "would jeopardize not only their citizens' chances of an appropriate vaccination program, but many other countries in the world. ".

EU and AstraZeneca have been in conflict for some time

The EU and AstraZeneca have been at odds with each other for some time, because the company is unable to deliver the agreed numbers of vaccines to EU countries.

According to the committee chairman, only 30 percent of the 90 million doses contracted were delivered in the first quarter of this year.

At the same time, AstraZeneca in the United Kingdom did meet all its obligations.

The vaccine was developed in that country, in collaboration with the University of Oxford.

"We have the option to ban planned exports," said von der Leyen.

"This is the message to AstraZeneca: you first fulfill your contract with Europe, before you deliver to other countries."

EU leaders will discuss the matter next week.

The EU previously decided to tighten up the surveillance of the vaccine trade.

Companies are obliged to report their export plans.