China News Service, March 21. According to the Russian Satellite Network, a person from the Defense Management Center of the Russian Defense Ministry said that the Russian Black Sea Fleet is concerned about the US cruiser Thomas Hadner that entered the Black Sea on the 20th. The cruiser is equipped with The "Tomahawk" cruise missile and the "standard" anti-ballistic missile were the second US warship to enter the waters in one day.

Data map: On July 26, 2019 local time, the Russian Navy held a rehearsal for the Navy Day parade in the Black Sea, where a variety of warships and weapons appeared in a concentrated manner.

  A related person from the Russian Defense Management Center said: "The Black Sea Fleet forces and equipment have begun to pay attention to the actions of the American cruiser Thomas Hadner, which entered the Black Sea waters on March 20, 2021, equipped with controllable anti-ballistic missile weapons."

  On the 19th, the USS Monterey guided missile cruiser entered the Black Sea waters, and the Black Sea Fleet was also paying attention to it.

  According to reports, the "Thomas Hardner" belongs to the "Arleigh Burke-class destroyer". The ship can carry up to 96 "Tomahawk" cruise missiles or "standard" anti-ballistic missiles on the vertical multi-purpose launcher. ; "Monterey" guided missile cruiser can carry up to 122 "Tomahawk" cruise missiles or "standard" anti-ballistic missiles.