China News Service, March 21. According to the "Central News Agency" report, with the increasing penetration of mobile phones in Japan and smooth calls in all driving sections, the five JR companies operating the Shinkansen in Japan have decided that they will be released in 2021. By the end of June of 2009, all public telephones that accompanied passengers on Shinkansen trains for 56 years were removed.

Screenshot of Japan Broadcasting Association (NHK) social media account

  According to reports, NTT Communications, which provides public telephone service on Shinkansen trains, stated that the first Shinkansen public telephone was installed in Tokaido Shinkansen trains 56 years ago in 1965.

  The Shinkansen public telephone is not affected even if the train passes through the tunnel. It has always been used by passengers for business negotiations or emergency contacts. Until now, all Shinkansen trains in Japan have been installed.

  However, as the penetration rate of mobile phones is getting higher and higher, and by December 2020, Japanese mobile phones will be able to make normal calls in all sections of the Shinkansen (including tunnels). cut back.

  Therefore, the five JR companies operating the Shinkansen throughout Japan have decided to remove public telephones in trains in order by the end of June 2021.

  In addition, in addition to the service of providing text news information in the Shinkansen carriages, in addition to JR West Japan, all JR companies have also decided to modify the content of related services due to the popularization of mobile phones.