Jyrki Kasvi, 57, a former MP from the Greens, talks about his budding hope to defeat his bladder cancer.

However, the situation of the Plant, which has been in care since February, is uncertain.

He says in an interview with Yle's Share, No, Empty, Away podcast that the possibility of new, partly experimental treatments is constantly being explored.

- My number one wish is that they be made available.

Another wish is that they bite, Plant says in an interview.

It is hoped to have more time.

- My life has been interesting and full.

There is no doubt that it could continue to be so.

- When there is even the slightest hope, it goes a long way.

When hope disappears, it makes you physically sore.

It’s the kind of psychosomatic pain.

Not cancer pain, but similar pain when… when you fall out of parliament, Plant says in an interview.

The plant previously wrote in its New Finland blog in February that a potentially curative medicine that did not yet have an EU marketing authorization could be obtained in Finland.

- People have put together addresses and indicated their willingness to help and support the acquisition of the promising new anticancer drug (trade name Padcev) I mentioned in the last blog from the United States.

For when there is no marketing authorization in Europe yet.

- Only now do I understand what gratitude really means, Plant wrote, among other things.

The plant has been suffering from bladder cancer since 2003. The plant said it received a referral for convalescent treatment in January.

The plant said it was previously able to continue life with home hemodialysis treatment, but since then metastases have appeared in the liver, “in which even the most effective platinum-based cytostats in use have not responded”.