National Police agents have arrested a 54-year-old woman in Valencia as the alleged perpetrator of a

crime of mistreatment in the family

after, apparently, mistreating both her husband and her minor child.

The first of them would have rushed out a window after an argument.

The investigations began on March 9 after a call received at around 2 p.m. through the 091 Room in which it was alerted that a man had thrown himself out of the window of a house, the National Police said in a statement.

Once at the scene, the police observed a man on the ground, with

traces of blood and conscious


on the terrace of a house

, who was already being treated by health personnel.

The man was later transferred to a hospital where he was admitted with a reserved prognosis.

The agents found out that this man had rushed from his home, located a few floors above, and that both he and his son, apparently, were being

mistreated by his wife


In addition, the police officers learned that the day before the event, the couple had a

heated argument

in which the woman had assaulted her husband.

At this moment, the man would have been rushed not to bear the situation anymore.

Finally, after learning of the

insults, harassment and aggressions

suffered by the victim at the hands of his wife, some of them also directed at his minor son, the agents have detained the woman as the alleged perpetrator of a crime of mistreatment in the family environment.

The arrested woman, with a police record, has gone to court, decreeing the prohibition to approach and communicate with her husband and son.

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