China News Service, March 19. According to the website of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security recently issued the "Notice on Doing a Good Job in Employment and Entrepreneurship for National College Graduates in 2021" (hereinafter referred to as the "Notice").

Among them, it is clear that all localities shall, in conjunction with relevant departments, urge state-owned enterprises to implement the expansion of the scale of recruiting graduates and open recruitment requirements, and accelerate the implementation of the expansion task.

Data map: Job seekers are looking for jobs at the job fair.

Photo by China News Agency reporter Wu Junjie

  The "Notice" pointed out that the employment of college graduates is related to people's well-being, social stability and high-quality development.

The number of college graduates in 2021 will reach 9.09 million. Given the uncertainties of domestic and foreign environmental and epidemic changes, the task of promoting employment is even more arduous.

All localities should make the employment of college graduates the top priority of the employment work. They are guided by the implementation of the employment and entrepreneurship promotion plan for college graduates, supported by high-quality employment services, and implemented precise policies and various efforts to ensure the overall stability of the employment situation of college graduates.

  The "Notice" requires the implementation of policies to broaden channels.

All localities must earnestly implement employment policies, and fully release the effectiveness of policies to promote market-oriented and socialized employment of graduates.

Expand the main employment channels of enterprises, implement social security subsidies and training subsidy policies, increase the implementation of work-for-training, and encourage small, medium and micro enterprises to attract more graduates.

Cooperate with relevant departments to supervise and urge state-owned enterprises to implement the expansion of the scale of recruiting graduates and open recruitment requirements, and accelerate the implementation of the expansion task.

Develop major strategic employment positions, meet the construction needs of Hainan Free Trade Port, Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, and Xiong'an New Area, release a catalog of talent needs in a timely manner, build a platform for supply and demand information, and guide graduates to find employment in key areas.

Encourage and support grassroots employment, implement policies such as employment subsidies, high salary grades, and purchase services, develop jobs in areas where there is a shortage of talents such as community services, education and medical care, and agricultural technology, and stabilize the recruitment scale of the "Three Supports and One Support" program.

Stabilize the recruitment scale of public institutions, implement the preferential policy of open recruitment of grassroots public institutions in difficult and remote areas, and do a good job of open recruitment.

  The "Notice" clearly guides and supports entrepreneurial innovation.

Localities should combine innovation-driven and emerging industries to actively support willing and potential graduates to devote themselves to entrepreneurship and innovation.

Extend entrepreneurship training to the campus, and provide entrepreneurial awareness education, entrepreneurial project guidance, and online entrepreneurship training based on the characteristics of graduates.

Intensify financial security, implement the policy of increasing the amount of guaranteed loans for entrepreneurship, lowering the interest rate policy, and exempting counter-guarantee requirements, and allowing graduates to apply for guaranteed loans for entrepreneurship in their entrepreneurial locations.

Focus on entrepreneurial service resources, recommend suitable entrepreneurial projects for graduates, provide one-stop services such as counseling, transformation of results, and follow-up support. Various types of entrepreneurial carriers invested and developed by the government arrange a certain percentage of venues and provide graduates free of charge.

Support the entrepreneurial innovation of returned overseas students, strengthen the construction of entrepreneurial parks for overseas students, provide support for entrepreneurial projects, encourage entrepreneurship training classes, entrepreneurial mentors to enter the park and other activities, and implement in-depth support plans for overseas students returning to start their own businesses.

Actively explore employment opportunities in the digital economy and platform economy, target online education, cultural creativity, new media operations and other fields, increase the implementation of tax incentives, social security subsidies and other policies, improve security measures, and support graduates to engage in self-employed and part-time Employment and platform employment.

  The "Notice" requires that precise recruitment services be strengthened.

Localities should build convenient and efficient job search and recruitment channels based on the characteristics of graduates, and improve the efficiency of job matching.

Carry out online recruitment on a regular basis, and target the ministry-level college graduate employment service platform to accelerate the improvement of local service areas, enrich column content and service resources, conditionally add resume delivery, video interview and other functions, and extensively collect and publish recruitment information and promote Application of a precision recruitment platform for college graduates.

Carrying out employment cloud service activities for college graduates, focusing on popular industries, key enterprises, and local characteristics, and uniting social forces to launch "live-broadcasting jobs", "live-broadcasting policies", and "new career experience" to enhance the attractiveness of services.

Enhance the quality of offline services. According to the local epidemic prevention and control requirements, combined with the characteristics of graduates' job hunting, flexibly organize sub-industry, sub-professional, and miniaturized recruitment activities, expand localized service projects, innovate cross-regional recruitment organization models, and actively promote supply and demand.

Incorporate the graduates who have returned from studying abroad into the public employment talent service system, provide targeted employment opportunities, organize special recruitment or set up an online recruitment area, and implement employment and entrepreneurship support policies for qualified candidates.

  The "Notice" clarified that vocational skills training should be increased.

All localities must implement the "Millions of Youth Skills Training Action" to meet the urgent needs of industrial development and graduate employment, promote high-quality vocational training, and enhance graduates' professional development capabilities.

Expand the scale of vocational training, carry out new apprenticeship training, skills research training, and work-for-work training for young enterprises, increase job training in emerging industries, smart manufacturing, and modern service industries, and support graduates to participate in online skills training. Should be fully trained, qualified graduates can enjoy vocational training subsidies in accordance with regulations.

Efforts will be made to expand new vocational training and develop a batch of training projects in the fields of cloud computing, big data, and the Internet of Things.

Mobilize high-quality training resources from enterprises and training institutions to provide a batch of high-quality training programs suitable for graduates.

Expand refined vocational guidance, organize a team of professional and high-quality vocational instructors, and carry out activities for vocational instructors to enter the campus and enter the community. Each person will contact and serve a certain number of local universities and communities, and provide graduates with job search guidance, career planning and other services. Where conditions permit, vocational guidance textbooks for graduates can be developed and a batch of quality guidance courses can be launched.

  The "Notice" requires that the follow-up real-name service be expedited.

All localities shall fully include the unemployed graduates who have left school into the real-name service to ensure that the registration, contact, and assistance are in place.

Actively connect with the education department, start the information connection when the graduates leave school, and complete it before the end of July. If there are missing items in the transfer information, timely feedback and supplementation.

At the same time, open channels for help, through open letter guidelines, job registration mini-programs, online and offline unemployment registration, and grassroots job-seeking channels, all graduates with local household registrations and those who come to seek jobs from other places should be posted.

Establish a real-name information database for unemployed graduates, communicate with graduates one by one to understand employment needs, issue a list of policies, service items, and recruitment activities, and provide employment introduction, career guidance, training and internship services based on needs.

Encrypt the frequency of recruitment activities, focus on employment assistance, and comprehensively use online and offline channels to ensure continuous employment services.

  The "Notice" mentioned that actively expanding employment internships.

In accordance with the requirements for expanding the scale of internships, all localities should clarify the local annual goals and tasks, refine the arrangements for measures, and do a good job in organizing and implementing the internships.

Recruit trainee positions through multiple channels, mobilize enterprises and institutions to fulfill their social responsibilities, and provide more management, technical, and scientific research positions that can give full play to the expertise of graduates.

Develop a list of internship units and post lists, publish them widely and promptly push them to graduates, hold internship promotion, special recruitment, and two-way negotiation activities, and organize graduates with internship needs into internship activities in a timely manner.

Promote the standardized management of internships, and guide the signing of internship agreements, implementation of the teaching system, and guarantee of internship benefits.

Carry out the creation of a demonstrative unit for the employment of college graduates, select and establish a group of units with high job quality, good internship effectiveness, and strong industry representativeness, so as to promote the attractiveness of the internship and the quality of the internship.

  The "Notice" requires that we should provide solid assistance to difficulties.

All localities should take graduates in difficulty as key targets, and implement special assistance and priority assistance.

Relying on the job search and entrepreneurship subsidy policy database, establish a list of assistance for low-income families, zero-employment families, disabled graduates, and minority graduates with employment difficulties, and designate special personnel to carry out “one-to-one” assistance.

A job search plan is tailored according to the needs of graduates, giving priority to positions and recommending employment. For those who are really difficult to achieve employment through market-oriented methods, they will use public welfare positions to support the placement according to regulations.

Pay close attention to college graduates who are obstructed in job hunting and face special difficulties due to the impact of the epidemic, and graduates who have returned from studying abroad, inform service information through multiple channels, and provide targeted employment assistance and job hunting convenience.

Improve the employment assistance mechanism for long-term unemployed youth, expand practical guidance, capacity improvement, and assistance for difficulties and other services, and promote integration into the job market.

  The "Notice" clarified that the protection of employment rights should be increased.

All localities should further strengthen employment management services for college graduates, effectively protect the employment rights of graduates, and create a good employment environment.

Carry out the comparison of employment and unemployment, social insurance, and graduate information data, accurately identify graduates and employers that meet the policy requirements, promote "policy search", promote packaging and quick implementation, and speed up policy implementation.

Simplify the employment procedures, and for non-public-owned units accepting recent college graduates, the local public employment talent service agency does not need to sign the employment agreement.

Strengthen the supervision of the recruitment behavior of employers and human resource service agencies, focus on regulating the order of online recruitment, and crack down on illegal activities such as "black intermediaries", false recruitment, arbitrary fees, and employment discrimination in accordance with the law.

Timely sort out and publish typical infringement cases in graduate internship, employment and entrepreneurship, carry out special publicity on rights and interests protection, and enhance graduates’ awareness of risk prevention.