China News Service, March 18. According to the website of the Ministry of Emergency Management, the Office of the State Council’s Security Committee and the Ministry of Emergency Management have recently notified that there have been no major accidents across the country this year, which is the same as 2020 and 2019; major accidents have occurred1 11 people died or died, which is the same as or lower than the same period in 2020 and 2019 year-on-year.

  Recently, the production and operation activities of various enterprises have become vigorous, and the situation of full-load and super-intensity production has increased. In addition, the long-term accumulated risks of safe production are revealing, new risks are increasing, and the safety situation is severe and complex.

In order to strengthen the prevention and control of safety production risks at the peak of resumption of work and production in various regions, and clarify the prevention and control priorities of key industries, according to the characteristics of spring disasters in recent years, the State Council Office of Safety Commission and the Ministry of Emergency Management have recently notified the recent national safety production risk situation and urged all localities The department focuses on key industry areas, highlights the key points of risk prevention and control, and earnestly grasps the safety precautions for resumption of work and production.

  The Office of the State Council Security Committee and the Emergency Management Department require that all localities and departments should focus on key industries, highlight the key points of production safety prevention and control, and implement safety precautionary measures in detail.

  ——Strengthen the supervision and inspection of enterprises' resumption of work and production acceptance.

Affected by the sharp rise in global raw material prices, the current domestic raw material production enterprises are increasing at full capacity and super-intensity production. Therefore, it is necessary to strictly regulate the production and operation of enterprises to prevent super-capacity and super-intensity production.

  ——Increase safety inspections on all types of mines to prevent excessive production operations.

At present, global ore demand continues to be strong, and mining companies have a strong impulse to increase production, and potential safety hazards increase accordingly. It is necessary to pay close attention to major hidden hazards such as coal mine gas and rock burst to carry out investigation and risk management to prevent accidents caused by excessive production operations.

  ——Increase safety supervision on construction sites, especially major construction projects.

Since the beginning of this year, the total number of construction accidents and major accidents have both increased year-on-year. Recently, various construction projects have increased their deadlines and rushed schedules. Safety management is easy to loosen and accidents are easily caused. Resolutely prevent the occurrence of major accidents caused by rushing schedules and rushing schedules. accident.

  ——Strengthen safety supervision during the peak season of fishery production.

In response to the recent sharp increase in large fisheries vessel accidents, it is necessary to urge agricultural and rural departments to implement industry supervision responsibilities, promote fishery administration agencies at all levels to strengthen the supervision of fishery production peak season industry, strengthen the monitoring and early warning of extreme weather, and strengthen the construction of emergency response capabilities.

  -Strictly prevent major accidents in the transportation field.

Draw lessons from the recent aerial disputes of East China Sea Airlines, strengthen transportation safety management, strictly implement safety guarantee measures, and effectively guarantee transportation safety.

  ——Strengthen the safety inspection and daily inspection and maintenance of water conservancy equipment and facilities.

Draw lessons from the recent flooding accident of the Xiaolangdi Water Conservancy Project on the Yellow River due to the failure of the gate hydraulic control system, and comprehensively investigate potential safety hazards to ensure that similar accidents do not occur again.