This time, a day in advance.

Friday is a holiday and the Ministry of the Interior has decided to advance its decisions on ETA prisoners by one day.

Thus, the Department of Fernando Grande-Marlaska has reported five new movements of ETA prisoners and progressions of grade.

And again, several of them, without the support of the jail's Treatment Board, in a political decision.

On this occasion, there are five terrorists who will be transferred to the prisons of Zaragoza, Logroño and Bilbao.

These movements are already taking place on the threshold of the Government handing over the management of prisons to the Basque Government.

This Thursday, Grande-Marlaska gave the green light to the approach of the terrorist who ordered, among others, the murder of prosecutor Luis Portero.

This is Juan Antonio Olarra Guridi, who will travel from Granada to Logroño.

In this case, again, the approach and his progression to second grade (which will allow him to obtain his first permits) is produced with the criteria against the Granada prison.

He is convicted of murders, homicides, attacks, ravages, possession of explosives and weapons storage, according to Interior.

The Grande Marlaska department explains that the inmate rejects the use of violence and expresses his desire to repair the damage caused to his victims.

However, there is no communication from the ETA with victims of terrorism.

The Portero family, as EL MUNDO has already advanced, will appeal the decisions of the Interior regarding the prisoners convicted of the murder of Luis Portero before the ordinary justice system.

Interior has also decided to include in its weekly list another of the bloodiest ETA members, a member of the Madrid command.

This is Ainhoa ​​Múgica Goñi, who, along with the former, Olarra Guridi, was convicted of the 1995 attack perpetrated by ETA in Vallecas with a car bomb in which six workers from the Navy died.

As in the case of Olarra, Interior decides to transfer her from Granada to Logroño and progress her to second grade.

And again, against the criteria of the jail.

Ainhoa ​​Múgica, explains Interior, has presented a letter in which he rejects the use of violence, that type of letter that ETA prisoners send to Interior and that this newspaper has already taken literally.

The third of the beneficiaries this week is Miguel Santiago Izpura García, who will be transferred from Murcia to Zaragoza.

He is serving time for murder, attack and havoc.

In this case, Interior does have the approval of the Treatment Board to bring him closer and progress to second grade.

Arkaitz Goikoetxea Basabe will travel from the Alicante-II Penitentiary (Villena) to the Logroño Penitentiary Center.

He entered prison on July 27, 2008 and is serving a cumulative 40-year sentence for the crimes of murders, attacks, ravages, robbery with violence, possession of explosives, illegal detentions, damages and falsification of documents.

He has submitted a statement of separation in which he regrets the damage caused, assumes his responsibility and expresses his willingness to repair it.

The General Secretariat of Penitentiary Institutions has arranged his progression to second degree and, at the proposal of the Treatment Board, his transfer to the Logroño prison.

The last of the beneficiaries this week is Ignacio Crispín Garcés Beitia, who will be transferred from the Zuera Penitentiary Center (Zaragoza) to the Basauri Penitentiary Center (Bilbao).

He is serving a cumulative 26-year sentence for the crimes of attack, deposit of weapons, threats, belonging to an armed gang and illegal possession of weapons.

Also in this case Interior had the approval of the Board of treatment.

In addition, Interior has decided to change the destination of the preventive inmate Gorka Palacios Alday.

It will go from Murcia II to Madrid VII, in Estremera.

He is awaiting trials.

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