"We must make good use of the'big ideological and political course' and we must integrate it with reality." On March 6, I was visiting members of the medical and health circles and education circles who participated in the 4th meeting of the 13th CPPCC National Committee and participated in the joint organization meeting. At that time, General Secretary Xi Jinping talked about the subject of ideological and political courses, and emphasized that it should be addressed not only in the classroom, but also in social life.

  It is a matter of great concern to General Secretary Xi Jinping to run ideological and political classes well.

  Two years ago, on March 18, Xi Jinping hosted a symposium for teachers of the school's ideological and political theory course, emphasizing that "it is necessary to be straightforward to teach ideological and political courses."

It was the first time in the history of the party that the general secretary of the party personally presided over the theme of the ideological and political course, and it was a milestone in the history of education in New China.

  Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, the general secretary has made a series of important expositions and important arrangements for running ideological and political courses.

  The spring weather turned rain, moisturizing things silently.

Combining the small ideological and political classroom with the large social classroom, making real life a rich source of ideological and political courses, such a "big ideological and political lesson" will be more vivid and reach the hearts of the people.

  On March 18, 2019, while chatting and communicating with excellent teachers and educators on the front line, Xi Jinping fondly recalled his political class in the first grade of junior high school: "My political teacher choked on Jiao Yulu's deeds several times. I couldn’t go on for a while, covering my eyes and sobbing, especially when Jiao Yulu broke his wicker chair when he was the most serious of liver cancer, I was shocked by it.” “This lesson left a deep mark in my life. It also has a very important influence on my establishment of firm ideals and beliefs."

  The general secretary profoundly pointed out that teachers of ideological and political courses must have family and country feelings and benevolent love, and "make ideological and political courses a warm class."

  Under the current situation, a good ideological and political course should be viewed in the context of major changes in the world unseen in a century, and the overall development of the party and the country. It should be from upholding and developing socialism with Chinese characteristics, building a modern and powerful socialist country, and realizing the Chinese nation. To the height of the great revival.

  "Post-70s, 80s, 90s, 00s, before they go out to see the world, China can already look at the world..." The general secretary's words illustrate the profound impact of changes in international and domestic situations on people, especially young people. .

We must see that the time and the momentum are on our side. This is where our strength and confidence lies, and it is also where our fundamental confidence lies in teaching the "big ideological and political course."

  History is the best teacher.

  Shazhou Village, Rucheng County, Chenzhou City, Hunan Province, is famous for the place where the "half quilt" story took place.

On September 16, 2020, General Secretary Xi Jinping who was visiting Hunan came to Shazhou Village.

Walked into the first elementary school classroom in Wenming Yao Township and saw that the fourth grade students were taking ideological and political classes. Xi Jinping said that he hoped that the students would inherit the red gene, learn knowledge and skills, and strive to grow into moral, intellectual, physical, artistic Constructors and successors of all-round development of socialism.

  On the second day of the trip to Hunan, Xi Jinping visited the Yuelu Academy of Hunan University. He emphasized the need to organically combine classroom teaching and practical teaching, "make full use of the rich historical and cultural resources, and closely link the struggle of the Communist Party of China and the Chinese people. Deeply comprehend the inner truth of the Sinicization of Marxism, deeply understand why history and the people have chosen the Chinese Communist Party and socialism, and further strengthen the "four self-confidence"."

  The Chinese nation has formed a broad and profound excellent traditional culture for thousands of years. The revolutionary culture and advanced socialist culture that our party has led the people to forge in the process of revolution, construction, and reform has provided profound strength for the construction of ideological and political courses.

  "To promote the reform and innovation of ideological and political theory courses, we must continuously enhance the ideological, theoretical, affinity and pertinence of ideological and political courses." At the school's ideological and political theory course teachers’ symposium, General Secretary Xi Jinping put forward the specific requirements of "eight unifications" , Pointed out the direction for the reform and innovation of ideological and political courses.

  Timely update teaching content, enrich teaching methods, adopt case teaching method, practical teaching method, inquiry teaching method, interactive teaching method, collaborative learning method... In recent years, the innovative teaching methods of ideological and political courses in many parts of the country have deeply impressed students Learning experience.

  Fighting the combination of defensiveness and innovation, the ideological and political class will be more affinity and appealing, more targeted and effective, and truly "moisturize things silently."

  Lide cultivates people, bacon casts soul; rectifies the roots, keeps the integrity and innovates.

  Cultivating newcomers of the era who are responsible for the great task of national rejuvenation, and cultivating socialist builders and successors with comprehensive development of morality, intelligence, physical education, and labor. We need to innovate and take good ideological and political courses.