Beijing Financial Court has accepted the first case

  It is the second financial court in my country, with 25 judges in the first batch; 5G professional trial courts are set up

  Yesterday, the Beijing Financial Court was formally established, which specifically administers financial civil and commercial cases, financial administrative cases, and financial enforcement cases that should be under the jurisdiction of the Intermediate People’s Court in Beijing.

  On the same day, a “dispute over the liability for false statements of securities” was successfully filed through online channels, becoming the first case accepted by the Beijing Financial Court after its establishment.

  Beijing News yesterday morning, the Beijing Higher People's Court held a press conference to inform that the Beijing Financial Court was formally established.

This is the second financial court in my country after the establishment of the Shanghai Financial Court.

  The establishment of the Beijing Financial Court is a major decision and deployment made by the Party Central Committee.

On December 30 last year, the 17th meeting of the Central Deep Reform Commission deliberated and approved the "Plan for the Establishment of Beijing Financial Court."

  Jurisdiction in administrative litigation cases involving "one bank, two meetings and one bureau", etc.

  The Beijing Financial Court specializes in financial civil and commercial cases, financial administrative cases, and financial enforcement cases that should be under the jurisdiction of the Intermediate People’s Court in Beijing.

  On March 16 this year, the Supreme Law issued a document clarifying the jurisdiction of the Beijing Financial Court. In addition to hearing six types of financial, civil and commercial cases, the Beijing Financial Court also has jurisdiction over administrative litigation and non-litigation administrative enforcement cases involving "one bank, two committees, and one bureau". Centralized jurisdiction over cases involving overseas companies infringing on the legitimate rights and interests of domestic investors, and securities disputes related to companies listed on the NEEQ selected tier.

  68% of the first batch of 25 judges are expert talents

  Cai Huiyong, Party Secretary and Dean of the Beijing Financial Court, introduced that the Beijing Financial Court’s first batch of 25 judges, with an average age of 41.7 years, 11 doctors and 13 masters, has an average case-handling period of more than 12 years, and 68% of the judges have been rated as various judges. Class of expert talents.

  Among the 25 judges, there are 2 national adjudication experts, 8 Beijing adjudication experts (judicial practice research experts), and 7 various adjudication champions. The average number of cases handled in the past three years has exceeded 280.

  The two national trial experts are Xue Feng, the vice president, and Liu Jianxun, the chief of the second trial court.

  Give full play to the role of financial adjudication

  An Fengde, Deputy Party Secretary and Vice President of the Beijing Higher People's Court, introduced that Beijing is the national financial management center and the host of financial regulatory authorities, important financial infrastructure, and the headquarters of major financial institutions. Last year, the total assets of Beijing’s financial institutions exceeded 150. Trillion yuan, accounting for more than half of the country, and the financial industry has become the largest pillar industry of the capital's economy.

The establishment of the Beijing Financial Court is of great significance in serving and ensuring the implementation of the national financial strategy, creating a good financial legal environment, and promoting the healthy development of the economy.

  At present, there are 832 legal person financial institutions registered in Beijing, and financial development and innovation have caused a large number of difficult, complex and new types of financial disputes to enter the field of litigation.

  An Fengde stated that the Beijing Financial Court will focus on the three major tasks of financial services to the real economy, prevention and control of financial risks, and deepening of financial reforms. It will give full play to the role of financial adjudication in order to implement the national financial strategy, strengthen the construction of the national financial management center, and promote the capital. High-quality development provides high-quality judicial services and strong judicial guarantees, and makes due contributions to the capital's first basic realization of socialist modernization.

  Highlight 1

  Collaborative video conference room explores the "three synergy" of data policy resources

  The Beijing Financial Court has a collaborative video conference room for financial rule of law.

According to the staff of Beijing Financial Court, the court will strengthen the overall coordination with legislation and administration.

  “Financial innovation is very active, but legislation is naturally lagging. It requires judicial organs to establish judgment rules during specific case trials to regulate financial innovation and financial order.” The staff said that the Beijing Financial Court will give full play to the advantages of centralized jurisdiction over financial cases. Strengthen communication with the legislature to promote the improvement of financial legislation.

In the future, the Financial Rule of Law Coordination Chamber will explore the realization of data coordination, policy coordination, and resource coordination between Beijing's financial courts and financial regulatory agencies, legislative bodies, and financial institutions.

  Highlight 2

  Big data center introduces "smoke index" to monitor financial risks

  In the Big Data Center of the Beijing Financial Court, an entire wall is covered by an electronic display screen.

Among them, the "smoke index" attracts attention.

  According to the staff, the "smoke index" refers to the financial risk monitoring data of the financial risk monitoring and early warning system.

The financial risk monitoring and early warning system combines Internet-related data such as public security, industry and commerce, banks, courts, public opinion, etc., and uses artificial intelligence to monitor more than 50 key areas and more than 400,000 enterprises in Beijing in real time, realizing risk quantification and grading early warning, and can effectively promote the maintenance of local areas Financial stability.

  The big data center also has the functions of executing intelligent command, court hearing live broadcast scheduling, and intelligent security monitoring.

  According to reports, the Beijing Financial Court's enforcement officers use a dedicated 5G handheld execution terminal. When going out for security and performing multi-unit joint operations on the spot, they can send live high-definition audio and video back to the execution center in real time, improving the speed, standardization, and intelligence of execution.

The system also integrates the digital court, 5G court, and the audio and video system of the converged court to carry out real-time live broadcast scheduling of court hearings.

  Highlight 3

  Digital Convergence Court facilitates parties to participate in court trials online and offline

  There is a 5G professional trial court on the first floor of the Beijing Financial Court.

According to the staff, the 5G court network runs faster than traditional network courts, and the images are clearer.

Since financial cases usually have more participants and higher requirements for proof and cross-examination, 5G courts are fast and have no delay, which can meet the needs of court trials and basically achieve the same effect as offline courts.

  In view of the "stakeholder nature" of some financial cases, the Beijing Financial Court has also built a digital fusion court on the second floor, which can meet the needs of parties involved in different combinations of online and offline trials. The trial methods are more flexible and save the parties. Time has improved efficiency.

  It is understood that the Beijing Financial Court currently has 7 courts divided into 5 categories: 1 middle court, 3 small courts, 1 cloud court, 1 5G court, and 1 integrated court.

  Highlight 4

  Provide customized judicial services for small and medium investors and financial consumers

  The Beijing Financial Court has a small and medium investor and financial consumer protection workstation.

According to the staff, the workstation mainly provides customized judicial services for small and medium investors and financial consumers involved in financial group disputes.

  For public-related securities disputes, the workstation can provide standardized litigation guidelines to guide the parties to complete the entire process of litigation registration, case filing, and mediation, and realize customized litigation services.

The workstation can also intelligently verify the identity of the plaintiff, directly connect with the data information of the securities and futures exchanges, and verify the identity information of the investor through the back-end person-to-certificate comparison system, and then verify the investor’s securities and futures account information, automatically verifying Litigation subject qualifications.

The workstation also provides a list of financial dispute mediation organizations and mediator candidates, and supports smart case filing.

  In view of the large number of plaintiffs in financial disputes, the workstation provides functions such as registration, publicity, grouping, selection, and voting of representative litigation. Representative litigation is also one of the important contents of the institutional innovation of Beijing Financial Court.

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  The first case was successfully filed online

  Yesterday morning, an asset management company sued the defendant, a bank company limited by shares, a defendant’s accounting firm, a defendant’s United Assets Appraisal Co., Ltd., and a defendant’s law firm. The case was successfully filed online and became the Beijing Financial Court. The first case accepted.

  It is understood that, according to the "Beijing Court Online Case Filing Procedures", financial, civil and commercial cases and enforcement cases can be filed online by logging into the Beijing Court Trial Information Network or the Beijing Mobile Micro Court’s online case filing system, and the parties can complete the case without leaving their homes. File a case.

  At the same time, for all cases that are filed online, the parties do not need to repeatedly submit paper-based prosecution materials to the court in the subsequent execution of the trial, so that the entire process of online case handling is truly realized and the business environment is optimized.

  Beijing News reporter Sha Xueliang