Frankfurt / Main (dpa) - Verdi is increasing the pressure in the collective bargaining dispute over Deutsche Bank employees in call centers.

At the DB Direkt locations in Essen and Berlin, she called for rallies, as the union in Berlin announced.

A rally is planned on Thursday afternoon at Bismarckplatz in Essen and a car parade on Friday afternoon in Berlin from the Brandenburg Gate with the following final rally.

In the tough conflict between Verdi and the bank, there have been open-ended strikes since the end of January.

The Deutsche Bank denied the employees in the outsourced call centers a fair wage increase and a 13th month salary, criticized Verdi board member Christoph Schmitz on Wednesday.

"At the same time, the income of investment bankers rose above average last year and Deutsche Bank now employs 684 millionaires."

In addition to customer service on the telephone, the tasks of DB Direkt also include direct sales of selected banking products.

In the collective bargaining negotiations, Verdi is demanding six percent more salaries retroactively from April 1, 2020, but at least 150 euros.

In addition, the union wants to enforce a choice between money and free time and the introduction of a 13th month salary.

According to Verdi, the employer has so far offered 1.5 percent more money from November 2020 and a further increase of 1.5 percent from January 2022.

There are no new appointments, said Verdi negotiator Roman Eberle on Wednesday.


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