China News Service, March 17th. According to the South American Overseas Chinese News Network, under the joint promotion of the Brazilian Chinese Association and the Chinese Overseas Chinese Emergency Assistance Volunteer Group, the Health Bureau of Sao Paulo, Brazil has set up a site for Chinese people to inject the new crown pneumonia vaccine in the Hakka Center. .

  March 16th was the first day that the Hakka Central Vaccination Station officially started injections, and that day it mainly targeted Chinese people over 75 years old.

  At 9 am, UBS Republica official Denis assesor, Elaine Maria Buono, head of the central health station, Zhang Wei, president of the Brazilian Chinese Association, Zhi Huang Xiuli, head of the Chinese Overseas Chinese Emergency Assistance Volunteer Group, and the head of the Hakka Center, Liu Xuelin, the leader of overseas Chinese, etc. , Together in the Hakka Center to mourn for those who died of new coronary pneumonia.

  On behalf of the Brazilian Overseas Chinese Agency, Zhang Wei expressed the hope that the epidemic will pass soon and wish the people of the world well.

  Denis Assesor thanked the Chinese community for providing such a good place as a vaccination station, and hoped to have more cooperation with the Chinese and overseas Chinese community in the future.

  On the same day, the lobby of the Hakka Center arranged seats at a safe distance, and the Chinese who came to get the vaccine were seated according to the order.

Volunteers from the Chinese Association and the Emergency Assistance Team provided translations for Brazilian medical staff, and helped overseas Chinese to fill in personal information and the required information for the vaccination certificate. After that, the overseas Chinese can receive the vaccination.

In addition, every overseas Chinese who received the vaccination will also receive a vaccination certificate on the spot.

  The vaccine injected at the Hakka Central Vaccination Station that day was a vaccine from China produced by the Boudandan Institute. The second vaccination date was April 13.

  The Chinese vaccination site of the Hakka Center will be open every Monday. On March 22, vaccinations will be made for overseas Chinese over 72 years old, and on March 29th, overseas Chinese over 70 years old will be vaccinated.

According to the regulations of the Sao Paulo Health Bureau, all Chinese who meet the age can go to the Hakka center for vaccination, and please bring the tax card, RNE (red card) and proof of address.

(Zhuang Yi)