US Secretary of State Blincoln and Secretary of Defense Austin visited Korea at the same time today (17th).

Today, each of our diplomatic and defense ministers is scheduled to meet, and tomorrow, a meeting is scheduled to gather in one place. It is expected that the US-Korea cooperation to contain China and resolve the North Korean nuclear issue will be emphasized.

This is reporter Kim Hye-young.


US Secretary of State Blincoln and Secretary of Defense Austin arrived at Osan Air Force Base in their own private planes this afternoon.

Defense Secretary Austin stressed that the ROK-US alliance is more important than ever due to an unprecedented threat from China and North Korea at a US-ROK defense ministers meeting held at the Pentagon.

A few moments later, at the meeting of the diplomatic ministers of Korea and the United States, it is expected to discuss various issues such as the issue of the ROK-US, the Korean peninsula, and international issues. It is also expected to discuss ways to cooperate with the ROK-US to check China and resolve the North Korean nuclear issue.

Minister Blincoln previously emphasized the importance of Korea-US-Japan cooperation in responding to Chinese threats in Japan as well.

[Bloom Lincoln / US Secretary of State: If you use the coercion and aggression means trying to get the Chinese want, we will matdaeeung needed]

block Lincoln, Austin Minister tomorrow morning ROK foreign and defense ministers and the 2 + 2 talks And make a joint statement.

We are also planning to proceed with the agreement on the defense cost sharing agreement.

In addition, at 3 pm tomorrow, President Moon Jae-in will be prevented at the Blue House and interviewed with Security Officer Seo Hoon.

It is unusual for the head of the U.S. Foreign Affairs and Security to select Japan and Korea as his first overseas visits at the same time, and analysis suggests that he intends to reset the direction of foreign policy centering on China's checks and Asia-Pacific relations.