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Noting a rise in drug trafficking in the northern districts of Nantes, the national police carried out a security operation Monday afternoon.

Four young men suspected of participating in the holding of a large point deal located near the dragon's playground, Chêne des Anglais district, were arrested after "discreet surveillance".

One of the respondents was carrying on him the sum of 1,100 euros in banknotes.

Another was hiding four cocaine casseroles in his socks and three sachets of resin in his underwear, police reported.

Cocaine in canisters

The discovery of officials did not end there.

During the search of the green spaces located nearby, a dog specialized in the search for narcotics found ten canisters of cocaine under the leaves, as well as seven cellophane bags containing cannabis resin (100 g) and cannabis herb. .

The same day, rue Santos-Dumont, still in the northern districts of Nantes, 27 doses of cocaine were also seized from a 20-year-old man.

He was also in possession of a cell phone that was reported stolen during a burglary.

He was also taken into custody.


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