Essen (dpa) - In the power struggle on Schalke that arose when campaigning for Ralf Rangnick, relaxation is looming.

As announced by the interest group from politics, business and the club environment, which has been active in the background, there is to be a discussion today with the supervisory board of the Bundesliga soccer club threatened with relegation.

«We want to work together with everyone involved for the benefit of the association, we are not an opposition.

In such a crisis we have to bundle all our strengths, ”said Ulrich Paetzel, chairman of the board of the Emschergenossenschaft and spokesman for the group in Essen on Wednesday.

Without the knowledge of the supervisory board, the group had tried to win the former Schalke coach Rangnick as sports director.

Jens Buchta, the head of the supervisory board, had described this as “damaging to the association” and accused the interest group of wanting to influence sponsors.

“On behalf of the group, I firmly reject that.

This accusation has absolutely no basis, ”commented Frank Haberbrecher, managing director of the German Civil Service Association.

The group, which has existed for around nine months, to which the former Schalke professional Ingo Anderbrügge also belongs, justified their approach.

«We broke through the lethargy of the last few months with the idea of ​​Ralf Rangnick.

If this opportunity can be used, the best possible solution has been found for the club, ”said Haberbrecher, referring to an online petition in which more than 50,000 Schalke fans have now spoken out in favor of Rangnick's commitment as sports director.


Despite all the differences within the association, the association is now also trying to get Rangnick to sign up on an official mission.

Buchta confirmed contact with his advisor Marc Kosicke and announced further discussions.

Statements by Kosicke at "Sport 1" suggest, however, that Rangnick currently prefers the job as national coach: "That would be the culmination of his career."

Nevertheless, Habericket was optimistic: “To this day, we have the impression that Ralf Rangnick is keen to take on responsibility at Schalke and to start a Schalke project.

It is in the interests of everyone involved that there is a quick decision. "

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