Click> The last search term is'study in Oxford' lies.

Gulseren, a woman in her 50s in Turkey, has been selling flowers on the roadside in front of a cemetery for over 10 years.

The reason I worked hard was to support the study expenses of my daughter Merve, who attended Oxford Medical School.The story of a mother who lives hard even in a difficult environment and her daughter who went to a prestigious medical school was known through the broadcast and impressed me a lot.

However, it turns out that her daughter Merveh is not an actual Oxford student.

Sponsors contacted Oxford University to help her daughter, and I was told that there were no such students.

It turns out that my daughter Merve was working at a real estate agency in Istanbul, Turkey, and she didn't even go to England.

Netizens responded, "This is the first time I've ever seen a spine breaker like this!"

(Screen source: YouTube DHA, Twitter)