An Indian young man, who went on a'journey' to get attention online, made his face known in an unexpected way.

On the 15th local time, foreign media such as CNN-News18 in India recently introduced a campaign video released on the official SNS by the police in Uttar Pradesh, India.

At the beginning of the video, a man appeared in a white car on a stretchy highway.

Suddenly, I opened the car door and climbed onto the roof, and while still moving forward, I started doing push-ups out of nowhere.

Then came a comment that the police left on the man's unexpected behavior.

"I yisigunyo indeed eager to exercise. We'll reward your efforts"

of information yieotneundeyo 'reward' the police immediately disclose this right is addressed to men

violations advice


The man in the video is known as Uzwal Yadav, the son of a political party leader in India.

Yadav is known to have paid a fine of 2,500 rupees (approximately 40,000 won) in exchange for taking a video of dangerous push-ups on the highway after pulling out his father's car.

In the second half of the campaign video, Yadav even publicly apologized, standing next to the white vehicle in question, saying, "I'm really sorry. I'll never do this dangerous thing again."

It wasn't the way he intended, but he certainly made his face known to many people.

Police in Uttar Pradesh said, "There is a time and a place for push-ups. Some push-ups are legally punished and illegal."

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(Photo ='Uppolice' Twitter)