Landau (dpa / lrs) - After the reopening at the beginning of March, the zoo and the reptile in Landau drew a positive interim balance.

The opening was "urgently needed", said Jens-Ove Heckel, director of the zoo in Landau, the German press agency about two weeks after the reopening on March 1st.

"Basically, we are very happy that the opening option, albeit with conditions and restrictions, makes it possible to generate very urgently needed income again."

Since January, practically the entire financial burden of running the zoo has been on the city of Landau.

As a municipal facility, the zoo had not received federal aid since the beginning of the year, said Heckel.

In addition, the state government's feed subsidies only covered three to five percent of the total running costs.

According to the information, the zoo in Landau was “quite booked” in the first few days via the online booking system.

Also because of the now worse weather, the demand has decreased somewhat.

The online booking of appointments is unfamiliar to the visitors.

Many of them get along well on the website, but there are still many calls and inquiries every day.


The Reptilium Landau was also satisfied.

The opening on March 8th went "without any problems", reported boss Uwe Wünstel.

In the past, you were not allowed to open as an “indoor company”.

Although there were still very few visitors on Monday, the number increased every day.

A maximum of 170 visitors can currently visit the Reptilium Landau.

The pre-reservation actually works quite well, you didn't have to cancel any visitor.

It was only in January that Reptilium Landau reportedly averted bankruptcy for the time being.

The bankruptcy is "currently not an issue," said Wünstel.

But Wünstel can't breathe a sigh of relief yet.

"The number of visitors currently permitted is not enough to cover the costs."

In the medium term, more visitors are needed “in order to be able to continue the reptile and especially the care of the animals”.

At the animal adventure park in Bell in the Hunsrück, owner Remo Müller said: “We don't have a high season now.

The weather regulates the flow of visitors quite well. "

There are no problems with the distance rules.

If in spring and over the Easter holidays only 25 percent of the actually possible visitors are allowed to be allowed in, that is "bitter", said Müller.

"We're actually collecting the money for the next winter now."


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