China News Service, March 16th, according to the US "World Journal" report, a judge of the Los Angeles Superior Court ruled on the 15th that a Chinese student from the University of Southern California (USC) Ji Xinran was beaten to death by the driver Jonathan Del Carmen (Jonathan Del Carmen) , The crime was reduced from second-degree murder to attempted robbery (attempted Robbery).

Since the charge has been reduced and Kaman has served the full three-year sentence, he may be released from prison.

  Judge George Lomeli of the Los Angeles Superior Court said that he had no choice in making such a decision in accordance with California's new felony penalty bill.

He listened to the prosecutor's statement, who said that there was insufficient evidence to show Kaman's indifference to human life.

And this is the necessary evidence for the conviction of murder.

  Kaman was previously convicted of second-degree murder in Ji Xinran's case on July 24, 2014.

He was 19 years old and participated in the Ji Xinran robbery with three other defendants.

Ji Xinran was beaten to death by a wrench and a bat.

  The local prosecutor said that although there was evidence that Kaman was involved in the robbery as a driver and helped other defendants escape, when Kaman saw Ji Xinran being beaten, he drove the car away.

Kaman also clearly informed the other defendants that he did not want to participate in another robbery.

  When Kaman was convicted, according to the law at the time, even if the defendant was not directly involved in the murder, if the incident had "natural and possible consequences", in this case the defendant could be charged with first-degree murder.

However, with the signing of Act SB1437 by California Governor Jerry Brown in 2018, those directly involved in the murder can only be convicted of first-degree murder if they can prove to be extremely ruthless.

  The prosecutor said, "The law is the law." He said that he also reviewed other similar cases. According to the current law, it is clear that Kaman "can be cancelled for murder."

  The judge approved the prosecutor’s request. He said, “Even though the court may hesitate to do so, the court has no discretion and can only approve it.”

  A representative of Ji Xinran's family said that Kaman changed from first-degree murder to second-degree murder, which is already very difficult for Ji Xinran's family to accept, and now it is even more unacceptable for them.

She said, “When making laws, legislators should always keep in mind the feelings of the victim’s family.” Even though Ji Xinran’s case has passed seven years, his family still cannot accept the facts.

  The judge again stated that he had no choice and sentenced Kaman to three years in prison, which was the maximum sentence that could be imposed on the crime of "attempt to robbery."

Kaman has now served his sentence.

  The other two defendants in the Ji Xinran case were sentenced to life imprisonment without parole.

Because the two were underage when they committed the crime, the Court of Appeal had asked the judge to consider their "age factor", but they were both rejected.

Another defendant in this case, Andrew Garcia, was sentenced to life imprisonment without parole. He also failed to appeal. The court refused to hear his case again in August 2020.