Prince William and Prince Harry have spoken for the first time since a terrifying Oprah interview, reported in the British newspapers Daily Mail and Metro, among others.

Prince Harry and his wife, Duchess Meghan, caused an international uproar when they appeared just over a week ago in an interview with Oprah Winfrey, making cruel allegations about the British court.

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Gayle King, a TV reporter close to Duchess Meghan and Oprah Winfrey, revealed the brothers spoke over the weekend.

According to King, Harry has also spoken to his father, Prince Charles.

King spoke on CBS's This Morning on Tuesday.

According to King, he spoke with a couple of Dukes of Sussex and learned of the matter.

He says he called the couple because he wanted to know how these could get in the middle of a commotion.

- Harry has spoken to his brother.

He has also spoken to his father.

I heard those conversations were not fruitful.

However, they are happy that they have started a conversation, King commented on the morning program.

King also commented on what he thinks the Duchess of Sussex thinks the British court has hired a law firm to investigate whether Duchess Meghan was harassing court employees.

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“They find it shocking that Hovi keeps saying they want to investigate the matter privately, but still they believe these invented stories that are really contemptuous of Meghan,” King commented.

Harry and Meghan caused TV viewers to be outraged by the allegations they made in an interview with Oprah Winfrey. Photo: Harpo Productions / Joe Pugliese / Handout via REUTERS

According to King, none of the members of the royal family have spoken to Duchess Meghan since the Oprah interview.

According to King, Harry and Meghan find it frustrating that the conversation has turned to whether the British Court is racist or not, as the couple would have liked Court to have reacted and intervened in the British media activities they have experienced as racist.

- This makes it difficult for them to move forward.

However, they both want to move forward and they both want the family to recover from this.

In the end, though, it’s about Harry’s family, King said.

Gayle King said he talked to Harry and Meghan on the morning program.

According to him, Harry would have spoken for the first time over the weekend with his brother after a terrible Oprah interview.Photo: Sonia Moskowitz

King described Meghan as a very cordial and caring person.

- Meghan also has documentaries to support everything she said in an interview with Oprah, King claimed on CBS's morning program.

In an interview with Oprah, Harry and Meghan painted an ugly picture of a court that turned its back on Meghan’s predicament and denied the couple Archie’s son the prince’s title because of his skin color.

Following the interview, experts have said some of the couple’s claims cannot be true.

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