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Hoekstra vs.


Now that the hours are ticking away until election day, the pressure on some party leaders to limit the damage is hardly bearable.

Monday during


-debat stood for, among others Lilianne Ploumen and Wopke Hoekstra much at stake.

Given the traditionally high viewing figures for


, there was a lot to be gained or lost.

The debate was divided into three one-on-one confrontations: Mark Rutte against Geert Wilders, Jesse Klaver against Sigrid Kaag and Ploumen against Hoekstra.

And given the ailing campaigns of the PvdA and the CDA, that last game was mainly looked forward to.

Hoekstra in particular wanted - after being forced into defense mode for two weeks by the CDA plan to shorten the WW - to show that he can also hand out.

He hit Ploumen with all kinds of things, including all matters for which the PvdA was responsible in the Rutte II cabinet: the loan system, the demolition of sheltered workshops, the landlord levy.

"You have been on a sorry tour for four years," he snapped.

Hoekstra also seized the opportunity to fiercely accuse Ploumen of "tax addiction", since the PvdA wants to increase the burden on companies by 42 billion.

It was difficult for Ploumen to get in the way.

She repeated several times Hoekstra's plans to consider Hoekstra "anti-social".

Miss Kaag

During the duel between D66 party leader Kaag and her GroenLinks opponent Klaver, little was expected due to the small differences between the parties, but a remarkable moment arose when it was about the widening of the A27 at Amelisweerd.

The broadening has been controversial for years, but Kaag remained vague about her party's position.

It thus seemed at the time of Hoekstra opposite Klaver with Jeroen Pauw last week, when the CDA member had to admit that he did not know details from the program very well.

Kaag's campaign team was forced to clarify a few things via Twitter afterwards.

As the leader of D66, my heart beats for nature.

As a child of Zeist, my heart beats for the region.

That is why I am also against the widening of the A27 at #Amelisweerd.

For those who have questions about this, I would like to say it even more clearly here than in the # 1V debate.

# D66


Avatar Author SigridKaag Moment of places 18: 51 - March 15, 2021

Final debate

On Tuesday evening, the NOS final debate for the party leaders is the last chance to convince the doubting voters.

From 8.30 pm, eight party leaders will face each other.

Given the strong line-up it will be difficult to convey a distinctive story, but they will all be prepared to perfection to get the most out of it.

Rutte will once again try to radiate the perfect crisis manager, Hoekstra will try to pursue the attack strategy with which he managed to surprise Ploumen.

Should a strange goat jump still present itself, it will probably come from the left flank.

PvdA, GroenLinks and SP are in bad shape in the polls and will have to do something to limit the damage somewhat on Wednesday.

Post votes

In recent days some panic will have erupted among various parties due to the reports that postal votes were declared invalid on a massive scale.

Thoughts went back to the US election with Donald Trump calling the postal vote process fraudulent.

A tactic that is also implemented in the Netherlands by Thierry Baudet and it is therefore feared that this will also stir up suspicion in the Netherlands.

On Monday, various parties asked questions about the abuses, after which the procedure was adjusted.

The coming days should show whether this has sufficient effect.

The cabinet has a great interest in quickly getting this ammunition out of Baudet's hands.

EU is missing

Because the corona virus still completely controls society, there are few themes that really penetrate the campaign.

The theme of European cooperation has never been a popular theme for many parties, but this year the concept of the EU was hardly mentioned in any interview or debate.

Rem Korteweg of the Clingendael Institute points out to the


that parties seem to want to avoid the theme.

"While themes such as the corona crisis, migration and the climate are related to what is happening at European level. These topics are now widely discussed. If you then only talk about the national dimension, half the story is missing," says Korteweg.

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Today and tomorrow on the agenda

Tuesday: The results of the

student elections will be announced by ProDemos.

Tuesday 7 pm:

Final debate NOS.

The traditional closing debate with the eight largest parties - led by Rob Trip - will take place from 8.30 pm.

For that, it is the turn of the smaller parties from 7:00 PM to 7:50 PM.


The elections for the House of Representatives.

Due to the corona pandemic, it is possible in many places for voters to cast their votes on Monday 15 and 16 March.

Voters aged 70 and older had previously been able to vote by mail.

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