In the name of the Labor Party Vice President Kim Yeo-jeong, North Korea issued a discourse condemning the ROK-US military training.

Kim Yeo-jeong argued that the South Korean authorities had carried out the ROK-US exercises that North Korea opposes, and that "it was a serious challenge."

North Korea, claiming that the South Korean authorities "choose not a warm March, but a March of war and a March of crisis," said that South Korea crossed the "red line" or the red line. "The warm spring days three years ago It won't be easy to come back,” he insisted.

It is argued that the atmosphere of reconciliation between the two Koreas will not come again, as did the three inter-Korean summits in 2018.

Kim Yeo-jeong announces break in inter-Korean relations

In fact, Kim Yeo-jeong also foretold measures that seem to mean the severance of inter-Korean relations.

First, he said, "It is compelling to put on the schedule the issue of arranging the Fatherland Peace and Unification Committee, which is an organization for dialogue with South Korea."

The Fatherland Peace and Unification Committee, abbreviated as Jopyeong-tong, is a partner of the South Korean Unification Ministry, which has been elevated from an organization outside the Labor Party to a governmental organization in North Korea.

When the two Koreas hold ministerial talks, the Minister of Unification in South Korea and Chairman Jo Pyeong-tong in North Korea.

The saying that we will eliminate Jopyeong-tong, the official communication channel between the two Koreas, means that we have no intention of talking with South Korea for the time being.

North Korea also said with the South Korean authorities, "Because there is no need for any cooperation or exchange, it is considering the issue of eliminating the Kumgangsan International Tourism Bureau and other related organizations."

It seems that it will also eliminate organizations dealing with South Korea outside of the Labor Party.

In addition, North Korea even discussed the destruction of the inter-Korean military agreement.

Kim Yeo-jeong said, "We will watch the attitudes and actions of the South Korean authorities in the future, and if they dare to come out more provocatively, we are predicting a special countermeasure that will destroy the North-South military field agreement."

Although there was a clue that the South Korean authorities would be watching the attitude, the expression that it was'foreseeing' the destruction of the military agreement meant that when the time was just a question, and it seemed that they were considering destroying the military agreement.

I also said a word to America.

Kim Yeo-jung argued, "If (the United States) wants to sleep for the next four years, it would be better not to create a job that would make you sleep well from the start."

As the time difference between North Korea and the United States is changing day and night, it is argued that if the United States does something that it does not like, it will launch missiles and set up a night sleep in the United States.

Easy South Korea beats US low-intensity pressure

It is a known fact that North Korea is showing a nervous reaction to US-ROK military exercises.

However, the Korean-US training has already started last week and will end this week.

But now, what is the reason for the belated, strong criticism?

It must be said that it was made with the US Secretary of State and Defense in mind who will visit Korea tomorrow (17th).

The Biden government is conducting a review of its North Korean policy, and it is expected that the North Korean policy will be further outlined with the visit of the Secretary of State and Defense to Korea and Japan.

As for North Korea, it seems that the major ministers of the Biden government should send a message to the United States when they visit South Korea.

But the message to the United States is still cautious.

If you want to sleep comfortably, you are told not to do things that will make you sleep. How restrained tone is it?

On the other hand, North Korea criticized South Korea severely.

They are beating South Korea and pressing the United States.

It seems that North Korea wants to say to the United States that'don't rush to touch it' because it is ready enough to break up relations with South Korea and not resist military tensions.

Inter-Korean relations seem unlikely to improve for the time being

It's North Korea's intention. Anyway, the inter-Korean relations are unlikely to improve for the time being.

In the presence of UN sanctions on North Korea, North Korea is well aware that improving inter-Korean relations has little to gain.

With South Korea, where Corona 19 is still not ending, there will be a burden on contact with South Korea as well as quarantine.

North Korea also knows from past experience that once it has developed relations with the government at the end of its term, it does not know what will happen in the next regime.

As the abolition of the Jopyeong Pass and the Geumgangsan International Tourism Bureau has been discussed, there is a high possibility that there will be relevant measures sooner or later.

The destruction of the inter-Korean military agreement should be considered to be within the reach of sight, if not immediately.

The release of ICBM or SLBM launches against the United States, and the release of new submarines, seems likely to be decided based on messages from US ministers visiting Korea tomorrow.