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From simple small and easy to carry to real jewels of technology, but still remaining expensive, the waterproof camera adapts to everyone's needs and wallet.

Everything you need to know about a waterproof camera

Become essential during stays or holidays at the water's edge, the waterproof camera is one of the basics in the suitcase.

Depending on its power and characteristics, this small device can even follow you during your underwater excursions.

What is a waterproof camera?

It has the same functions as a conventional digital camera, except that it is designed to prevent water infiltration.

Thus, it can be submerged for a few minutes at a depth of a few meters, or even more depending on the model.

How to choose a waterproof camera?

It is your vacation or relaxation program that allows you to choose the best waterproof camera.

First of all, check its resistance to deep immersions.

If your research is aimed more at children, an entry-level model should be enough for them.

Why buy a waterproof camera?

Buying your own equipment makes it easier to handle it before any use in or under water.

Indeed, some menus can be complex to handle, especially with diving goggles.

Small selection of waterproof cameras among the best of the moment

Panasonic Lumix dc-ft7: a camera waterproof up to 31 m and ultra high definition

Panasonic Lumix dc ft7 waterproof camera - DR

Unfortunately not within the reach of all budgets, the Panasonic Lumix dc-ft7 remains however to be recommended for those who wish to obtain a professional rendering of each photo.

Ultra resistant to water, frost and crushing, this waterproof camera offers a video mode of 30 images per second allowing to select an image to restore in photo of 8 Mpx.

The pros and cons of the Panasonic Lumix dc-ft7 waterproof camera:

Most :

  • Waterproof up to 31 m, resistant to -10 ° and 100 kg of crushing

  • 20.4 Mpx resolution + 4.6 x high sensitivity zoom

  • A 7.62cm tempered glass LCD display

  • A video mode at 30 frames per second with 8 Mpx photo function

The lessers :

  • His price

Get the Lumix dc-ft7 model

Olympus Tough TG5: a complete and high-end waterproof camera

Olympus Tough TG5 Waterproof Camera - DR

The Olympus brand returns with a new model of waterproof camera.

The Olympus Tough TG5 gives pride of place to the seabed thanks to very high definition up to 15 m deep.

But the big highlight of this reference remains the high quality of its video mode, allowing you to keep your memories in 4K and even with the slow-motion option.

Pros and cons of the Olympus Tough TG5 waterproof camera:

The most


  • Very robust and waterproof up to 15 m

  • Equipped with an environmental sensor system

  • 4K or slow-motion video mode

  • Very high image quality

The least


  • His price

Get the Tough TG5 model

Ricoh WG-50: a camera waterproof to 14 m for 2 hours continuously

Ricoh WG-50 Waterproof Camera - DR

Amateur of quality photos underwater, you will appreciate the rendering of the pictures taken with the Ricoh WG-50 waterproof camera.

Crush-resistant up to 100 kg (very practical when transported in a suitcase), this model guarantees its waterproofness for nearly 2 hours (up to 14 m).

If you want to reflect the most beautiful shades of the seabed, do not hesitate to use the dedicated photo modes, which optimize the contrasts.

The pros and cons of the Ricoh WG-50 waterproof camera:

The most


  • Water resistant for 2 hours continuously at 14 m

  • 6.8cm LCD screen

  • Crush resistance up to 100 kg

  • Modes optimizing contrasts underwater

The least


  • A fairly complex handling

Get the Ricoh WG-50 model

Panasonic Lumix DC-FT7EG-A: a camera waterproof to 31 m with great resolution

Panasonic Lumix DC-FT7EG-A Waterproof Camera - DR

Intended for sustained use at great depths, the Panasonic Lumix DC-FT7EG-A waterproof camera immortalizes your memories of the seabed up to 31 m deep.

Several photo options allow you to play with contrasts and colors in order to obtain the best rendering with each shot.

Video enthusiasts are not left out, with an ultra HD 4K mode very pleasant to watch once on dry land.

The pros and cons of the Panasonic Lumix DC-FT7EG-A waterproof camera:

The most


  • 20.4 MP resolution

  • Ultra HD 4K video mode

  • A large 7.62 cm screen

  • Multiple photo beautification modes

The least


  • A bit small buttons

Get the Lumix DC-FT7EG-A model

Ricoh WG-70 Orange: a waterproof camera with great image quality

Ricoh WG-70 Waterproof Camera Orange - DR

What differentiates the Ricoh WG-70 Orange from other waterproof cameras is undoubtedly its flash OFF / flash ON mode, which allows you to take a first photo without flash and a second with almost simultaneously.

You can even choose the recording size of your videos, from lowest to highest resolutions.

To achieve all your photos underwater, this model is equipped with triple anti-vibration protection.

The pros and cons of the Ricoh WG-70 Orange waterproof camera:

The most


  • A 5x optical zoom with 28mm wide-angle

  • A flash OFF / flash ON option

  • 2 Mpx to 12 Mpx video recording

  • Triple anti-vibration protection

The least


  • Little evolution compared to the previous model

Get the WG-70 Orange model

Nikon Coolpix W150 Flowers: a waterproof, frost and dust resistant camera

Waterproof Nikon Coolpix W150 Flowers Camera - DR

One of the most famous models of the brand, the Nikon Coolpix W150 is adorned with a floral pattern giving it a little holiday air.

Used by millions of people around the world, this compact camera also has the advantage of being waterproof.

Thanks to very good photo and video quality, it allows you to keep memories of warm moments or moments of relaxation.

The pros and cons of the Nikon Coolpix W150 Flowers waterproof camera:

The most


  • Waterproof up to 10m

  • Resists frost (-10 °), dust and drops (up to 1.8 m)

  • 3x optical zoom with Dynamic Fine function

  • Full HD 1080p video mode

The least


  • A bit complex to learn

Get the W150 Flowers model

Fujifilm XP120: a camera waterproof to 20 m and shock resistant

Fujifilm XP120 Waterproof Camera - DR

Renowned as a benchmark waterproof camera, the Fujifilm XP120 allows fairly intensive use, especially at great depth.

Waterproof up to 20m, this waterproof camera is also resistant to drops (up to 1.75m).

Being able to switch to video mode with a single gesture, this device makes it easier to capture the moment.

In the suitcase, the Fujifilm XP120 is not likely to go unnoticed with its very (even too) strong yellow color.

The pros and cons of the Fujifilm XP120 waterproof camera:

The most


  • Waterproof up to 20m

  • Shockproof up to 1.75 m drop

  • 16.3 MP resolution

  • A practical video mode

The least


  • A slightly garish color

Get the Fujifilm XP120 model

Kodak WP1: a rugged waterproof camera ideal for children

Kodak WP1 waterproof camera - DR

Kodak is one of the best-known camera brands around the world, but the brand also offers several waterproof models.

The Kodak WP1 has all the qualities required for an entry-level device, especially if it is intended for children.

With a vintage yellow, this device remains practical for occasional uses.

Remember to remove the batteries when not in use, otherwise you may have to change them very regularly.

The pros and cons of the Kodak WP1 waterproof camera:

The most


  • Shallow dust and water tight

  • 6.8 cm LCD screen

  • Easy to carry

  • 16 Mpx resolution

The least


  • Very greedy in AA batteries

Get the Kodak WP1 model

Longou GG-103: a 48 MP waterproof camera with a selfie screen

Longou GG-103 waterproof camera - DR

Do you like taking selfies, including underwater?

The Longou GG-103 is a waterproof camera perfect for this practice.

Thanks to a front screen complementing the standard screen at the back, this model allows you to better frame moments of complicity between friends.

Able to embed an SD card up to 128 GB, this device promises great hours of fun, even if its shallow waterproofness remains to be deplored.

The pros and cons of the Longou GG-103 waterproof camera:

The most


  • 48 Mpx resolution

  • Two screens (6.8 cm + 4.5 cm in front)

  • An anti-shake function

  • Support SD card up to 128GB

The least


  • Waterproof up to 3 m

Get the Longou GG-103 model

Rollei Sportsline 60 Plus: an easy-to-use and affordable waterproof camera

Rollei Sportsline 60 Plus waterproof camera - DR

The Rollei Sportsline 60 Plus waterproof camera is perfect for first-time users or children.

Ultra easy to use, it allows you to take pretty photos underwater, even if its waterproof depth remains limited.

The LCD screen on this camera is comfortable, making it easy to shoot specific items, including faces and expressions.

Very affordable, this waterproof camera remains quite fragile.

The pros and cons of the Rollei Sportsline 60 Plus waterproof camera:

The most


  • Simple and intuitive

  • A large 7.1 cm screen

  • A resolution of 21 Mpx

  • 8x digital zoom

The least


  • Waterproof up to 5m

Get the Sportsline 60 model

As you will have understood, the best waterproof camera is above all the one that will meet your real needs.

For memories of convivial moments around a swimming pool, no need to choose an ultra high-end model that accepts several tens of meters of waterproofing.

Conversely, the discovery of the seabed deserves a quality device.

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