Two men who were previously arrested for the liquidation of Belgian businessman Stefaan Bogaerts (55) in Spijkenisse in September 2017, have been arrested again for this.

The Public Prosecution Service reported this on Monday during an introductory session of the large liquidation process around motorcycle club Caloh Wagoh.

The suspects, Errol van M. and Marcano M., are both members of this club.

At the end of December, a witness reported to the OM with information about the murder.

He would have felt seriously threatened by Van M., who himself would have put a price on his head because he knew too much about the murder of the Belgian man.

According to this witness, who lived in the same house as Van M. for a while, it was the intention that Radjesh S. would shoot the Belgian man.

However, S. could not get the weapon loaded and therefore Van M. ran to him, took over the weapon and fired.

Marcano M. and an unknown fourth person were also present, the witness said.

The lawyers of Van M. and M. expressly expressed their dissatisfaction with this new witness in the high-security court at Schiphol.

"Van M. has now been arrested for the third time for this liquidation. The court released him last October in the absence of serious objections."

She calls the statement of the new witness "seventy pages full of boast and nonsense".

According to M.'s lawyer, the witness is "a homeless junkie who sells monkey sandwiches".

The court will decide later this week whether the men should again be in custody for the liquidation of Bogaerts.

Substantive treatment will start in August

The suspects in the large criminal trial involving members of motorcycle club Caloh Wagoh are seen as 'murder brokers' of the alleged top criminal Ridouan T. The mega case, which is still in the preparatory phase, involves several murders and attempts to do so.

The main suspect in the case is 50-year-old Delano 'Keylow' R., foreman and founder of Caloh Wagoh.

According to the Public Prosecution Service, he accepted assignments and arranged for implementation.