Nicole is addicted to sugar.

Although her addiction does not cause her any health problems, she does care and would like to reduce her sugar intake.

At the microphone of "La Libre antenna", on Europe 1, Nicole says she is thinking of turning to hypnosis, because she notices in her a lack of will to stop.


Nicole says she suffers from a sugar addiction.

She explains having an unreasonable consumption of pastries and other sweets, not being able to suppress her cravings once she started consuming them.

Concerned about her health, she would like to curb her sugar consumption and then thinks of turning to hypnosis.

According to her, her difficulty in quitting comes from a lack of willpower.

Wishing to reduce her sugar consumption, Nicole asks Sabine Marin for advice, at the microphone of "La Libre antenna", on Europe 1. 

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"I'm addicted to sweets, to an extent that bothers me. I take care of myself in a lot of areas, but I can't seem to be reasonable when it comes to sweets, pastries, cookies, chocolates, creams… I don't snack between meals. They're more desserts. I'm not reasonable. Yet it can't be seen in my weight. You can't guess it. But me, it bothers me because I know how poisonous it is, it's not good for the body.

So, I am very disappointed with myself.

I have no will.

However, I was brought up in a fairly rigid environment where there was no such food reward system.

I tell myself that there is no point in disciplining myself, because it only lasts a few days and there is an emotion underneath.

I would have to tell myself that sugar is not a real good solution.

After a few days of eating too much, it subsides for two days.

I then think it's won, but it comes back.


It's hard to stop, because I think I don't really want to


It bothers me for my health, because sugar is a real poison.

I have seen quite a few shows on television.

At the moment, sugar is nice.

When I try to negotiate with myself, I never tell myself that I'm going to take it all away.

It is not possible.

I like to have a little sweet taste in my mouth.

This is normal.

It is the quantities that are disproportionate.

I wonder if hypnosis could help me stop, to understand what is the emotion that is expressed when this craving for sweet is there.

I told myself that I was going to put all the sweets in the cellar or in my car.

I did not do it.

I am a volunteer.

When I want, I go for it.

But now, I don't feel like I really want it.

It's hard to stop, because I think I don't really want to.

Once I have a sweet taste in my mouth, it's the surge, I can't stop.

It is compensation.

Intellectually, I know it's not good, but not emotionally.

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I really want that to change.

I will work on this.

So I think I'm going to go to hypnosis, because I want to get out of that.

It's too stupid to screw up and spoil yourself.

I don't have a health problem, but despite everything, I know it's not good.

It is even harmful.

The Easter holidays are approaching.

I will undoubtedly receive small bags of chocolate eggs.

So it will be a fight. "