Police cars clear the way and special cars to pick up Wuhan with high-level courtesy to welcome heroes

  Appointment for medical aid to Hubei to go home to Sakura

  On March 31 last year, the Wuhan Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government issued a letter of thanks to the members of the medical aid team in Hubei. At the end of the letter, an invitation was issued: Spring returns to the earth, everything recovers, Wuhan is gestating unlimited hope!

Wuhan is a heroic city as well as a beautiful city...Welcome your benefactors and relatives to return to Wuhan in their leisure time to enjoy cherry blossoms, delicious food, relive the fighting years, feel the customs of Jingchu, and accept the courtesy of Wuhan.

  In March of this year, Wuhan invited anti-epidemic medical team members to the "Sakura Covenant". Wuhan welcomed the heroes to "go home" and enjoy flowers with the highest respect and courtesy.

  Han police quickly rode in an arrow formation to clear the way

  The citizens shouted:

  "Thank you hero, welcome back"

  On March 12, the Wuchang District Transportation Brigade received a task: members of the medical aid team from all over the country will go to Wuhan University and East Lake to enjoy cherry blossoms on the 13th and 14th, and the Wuhan traffic police will escort these with the highest courtesy for Wuhan Fate!

  At 6:30 in the morning on the 13th, the Wuhan traffic police and the Wuchang Han police fast-riding team arrived at the hotel where the medical staff lived, and the anti-epidemic medical staff boarded dozens of buses.

At 7 o'clock, the convoy set off and rode in an arrow-shaped formation to clear the way in front of the bus convoy.

  Along the way, citizens stopped and waved when they saw the words "Aid Hubei Medical Care and Cherry Blossoms Appreciating Cherry Blossoms" on the bus.

When the convoy passed each intersection, the traffic police on duty stood at attention, saluted, and watched the convoy pass.

  The citizens heard that it was the medical team who helped Hubei to return to Han, and they raised their phones to take pictures of this moving moment, "Thank you hero, welcome back!" "Wuhan thank you, come back often!" The surrounding citizens kept cheering. From time to time, citizens stepped forward to take photos with the heroes.

  At the Municipal Red Cross Hospital, citizens and doctors formed a welcoming team to welcome the heroes at the entrance of the hospital.

  Among the crowd, Ms. Liu, a recovered patient with tears in her eyes, is particularly conspicuous.

She knew that the assisting medical team was going back to Han, buying flowers in advance, and waiting at the hospital door early in the morning.

She recognized her benefactor at a glance.

"Nurse Wu Xiaowen was very kind to me. At that time, I was sick and had no appetite. He distributed the pickles that I had brought from Sichuan to me and encouraged me to eat more to overcome the virus and stand up again."

  The police car cleared the road, dedicated a car to Wuhan University, and walked the red carpet to see the cherry blossoms. This high-level reception touched Wang Bin, a pediatric nurse at the Second Affiliated Hospital of Dalian Medical University, "We are all brothers and sisters. But I am so grateful".

  Dean flies to Sichuan to send "flower appreciation invitation"

  More than 1,500 volunteers to accompany the cherry blossom viewing scene

  In order to express my sincere gratitude to the comrades who have fought side by side, on March 5th, Xiong Nian, president of the Union Wuhan Red Cross Hospital, took a special trip to Sichuan to send flower-viewing invitations, successively to the Sichuan Provincial Health Commission and Sichuan University West China The hospital, Sichuan Provincial People's Hospital and other places held discussions and exchanges.

  A week later, the cherry blossom appointment arrived as scheduled.

At 9 pm on the 12th, the medical team members from West China Hospital who assisted Hubei arrived at Tianhe Airport by plane.

  "Wuhan Red Cross Hospital welcomes the first batch of medical team members from West China who assisted Hubei to go home"-Walking out of the terminal building, the bright red welcome banner was enthusiastic. Old comrades from the Red Cross Hospital have been waiting at the airport for a long time.

  The comrades in the two places clenched their hands and embraced each other tightly, tears flickering like a thousand words.

  On March 13, set foot on the cherry blossom avenue of Wuhan University. In addition to the romantic cherry blossoms, Wuhan University specially made the "Heroes of Anti-epidemic Gift Pack", which contains anti-epidemic commemorative badges, admission tickets for special performances, meal coupons in the cafeteria and a route map for cherry blossom viewing Wait.

With this gift package, the anti-epidemic doctors and nurses spent an unforgettable day in Wuhan University. They said that the high-level courtesy was beyond imagination.

  From small commemorative badges to large food tours, Wu Masters and students provide the highest level of service.

The main body of the badge is 3 cm in diameter, which means "three begets all things, endless life".

The front of the badge consists of the school gate archway, cherry blossoms and a ribbon of tribute to the anti-epidemic heroes. The main color is taken from the glazed tiles of the old building complex of Wuhan University.

The words “Luojiashan·2020” are engraved on the back, which represents Wuhan University’s invitation to view cherry blossoms to medical staff in 2020. The homophonic "Luojiashan Loves You Loves You" is also engraved with a cherry blossom-shaped pendant under the badge.

  "Each of our volunteers must provide guided tours to at least three waves of medical care and nurses every day. The average walk is 50,000 steps per day, which is very tiring, but it is worth it." Student volunteer of Wuhan University, student history of the School of Social Sciences 2018 Zhengxian said.

There are more than 1,500 volunteers in the special cherry blossom viewing session of Wuhan University's anti-epidemic medical care, including more than 100 teachers. The volunteers distribute souvenirs, guides and reception services for medical care and nurses, and work nearly 12 hours a day.

  "The cherry blossoms in Wuhan are very beautiful, and my dream has finally come true." A medical team member who aided Hubei said, this time I came to Wuhan, not the cherry blossoms, but the friendship.

  Free meals in 5 faculty canteens in Wuhan University

  Specially prepared chicken wings and shrimps for the accompanying medical children

  On March 13th and 14th, more than 20,000 anti-epidemic medical staff and their families went to Wuhan University to enjoy cherry blossoms.

How to arrange the meals, drinking and toileting of the medical staff during the school period?

Where can I rest when I'm tired?

The school has made careful arrangements for the details of the special cherry blossom viewing session.

  In order to allow doctors and nurses to eat and drink well, and to reduce queues and gatherings, the school has opened 5 faculty canteens to doctors and nurses, and they can eat in the canteen for free with ID certificates.

In order to reduce queuing and achieve orderly meals, the meal time is divided into 3-4 sessions, which are marked on the meal ticket.

At 12:30 on March 14th, the reporter saw in the Meiyuan restaurant that there was no line at the door, and the doctors and nurses could eat without waiting.

"The food is too rich, and our family ate very satisfyingly." said Ms. Li, a doctor at Tongji Hospital.

  Fried chicken wings, grilled shrimps, grilled ribs, fried green beans, soup, yogurt and fruits are also very rich.

  The person in charge of the WU Meiyuan Teachers' Restaurant introduced to the reporter that the school’s requirements for the catering for the medical and nursing staff this time are that they should be prepared carefully regardless of the cost, but that they should eat well and be satisfied.

The meals are not only light and rich in protein, but also considering that most of the doctors and nurses are traveling together with parent-child families, chicken wings and shrimps are prepared according to the taste of the children.

  In terms of drinking water and rest, the reporter noticed that in the cherry blossom viewing area, there is a volunteer service booth every 100 meters, providing free pure water to the doctors and nurses, and preparing footrests.

There is a need to go to the toilet, and there are also student volunteers to guide.

"The comfort level of this cherry blossom tour is beyond imagination." The members of the medical team of Nanchang University Hospital exclaimed.